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Suge to Akon: ‘Stop Snitchin’

Posted by Media Outrage on March 31, 2009


TMZ caught up with Suge Knight and asked him about the goons that ran up in Akon’s producer’s home and robbed him at gunpoint.  Suge responded “Akon tellin’ like that?’  Watch the video Right Here.

17 Responses to “Suge to Akon: ‘Stop Snitchin’”

  1. Monica said

    First of all I am sick and tired of this ni**a! Why wouldn’t he say something? If anybody else had run up in my house, producer house, etc., and I knew who they were, I would say something. So what makes Suge and his goons any different. This is a guy (notice I did not say man, cuz’ he’s not) who needs to grow up and realize that life is much more than being a bully. Hasn’t he realized that his life is sh*t right now because he is not living it right? I hope he reads this site and the comments because he needs to have a rude awakening! You are not cute, you are not desireable, you are not intelligent and even with money…you are not wanted AT ALL! I am not saying that I am fine as sh*t but my other qualities speak volumes for ME. The only thing you have is your character and your word this guy has neither. Who raised him? Was he a product of the “system” white folks talk so much about? Does he know GOD or some form of higher being? Because in my book…HE NEEDS JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS BE A FENCE….

  2. Marathon_Man said

    Yo MO send Monica some SECRET SERVICE detail ASAP! LMAO! Nah just joking. Damn Suge is a f**king thug to the last degree. he was chillin’ like it’s a game or something. Akon and them boys better stay clear of him.

  3. Monica said

    @Marathon: LOL…Yeah…after my rant I may need some security. I have a friend who works for the Secret Service here in DC. HMMMMMM…Maybe I need to call him and see if he knows of any off duty officers who can check me out on a regular. Naw…I might get in trouble then! LOL

  4. w2m said

    I’m sick myself of this “no snitchin” rule thats in the streets. Its silly and childish as hell. Folk dying (TI’s folk) and you don’t want to have the perpetrator put behind bars. You don’t want to look like a punk for telling, but damn that. I told my son if its a matter of you loosing your freedom or worse your life, you better tell it.

  5. MoneAlicia said


  6. CrystalShine said

    He went from owning Death Row to getting goons 2 jack producers. Give it up Suge, your old news. Grow up and stop being a Old O.G.Old Out of Date Gangster.

  7. Suge is not that powerful anymore. This isnt even news because they got a flunkie producer instead of Akon himself.

  8. Vanessa said

    Stop snitchin’? After some mens run up in my house with guns and then put them to my head? N*gga are you KRAZY?!

  9. MissTX85 said

    Plain & simple: F*ck Suge! He’s a big bitch! Always has been.

    To Suge: I’m in Dallas if you feeling froggy. Don’t let the pic fool ya.

  10. Yea I Said It said

    Miss TX look at you! thuggin out ain’t you… You don’t know it but you actually the one that killed 2020 on the T.I post so i know what you will do for… Sugar Nite Nite!

  11. Ms. E said

    WTH are we commenting on what Sugar Bear says, he is a nobody!!

  12. Truly23 said

    Again, Suge it’s all of them above… I haven’t said a word… lol I’m in the corner watching you get Gotti on people…

  13. colleen33 said

    I dont really like Akon but its about high time suge knight stop threatening people, why cant they put this thug in jail or something for a long long time, what do he mean stop snitching, if suge ordered his possies to break into akon’s house, suge should be dragged off to jail for that, seems like the moe time he spend in jail the worse he gets, hopefully suge will meet his match soon and get someone to bash his face in or take his eyes out, this guy thinks he is above the law.

  14. MissTX85 said

    @ Yea: I didn’t mean too, it was PMS and my crazy love for T.I.! Lol.

    As for Suge’s ass, I’d fuck him up and not think twice about it.

  15. colleen33 said

    suge thinks he is still a teenager or something, he have to remember that if the law cant get his fat ass, something else will and he will go down and eveyone will be feeling sorry for his fat ass. Suge have to stop getting his way around by threatening and intimidating people like that, is that a threat when he said akon should stop snitching, if suge ordered people to rob the guy’s place, and akon reported it to the police, that is not snitching that is telling the truth and the person who committed the crime should pay a heavy price, its about time someone put this guy to sleep or something.Suge thinks he’s the big bad bear in the forest or something.

  16. colleen33 said

    suge still have the LA street gang mentality in him, he was a crip one time, those guys that join gangs are all wannabees and illiterate, they just kill people to show off, suge should grow to hell up and go check his prostate because that might take his big ass down.He is so annoying and thinks he owned the better part of LA

  17. Jane Baker said

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