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They Took My Sh*t Y’all!

Posted by Media Outrage on March 31, 2009


It seems that Isaiah Washington was unable to fork up the $100,000 required to stay in his crib.  So the little FAG hater will be boxing up his sh*t and getting the hell on.

Via UsMagazine:

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington is moving out of the property that has caused him some recent financial troubles, according to

He and his wife faced eviction after falling $100,000 behind on rent, according to documents filed in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday. They were told they needed to move out unless they paid the overdue amount.

“He’s moving out today,” a source told

On Monday, two housekeepers were spotted packing a large box, and photographs were taken off of the walls. Washington and his wife were seen leaving the residence, though Washington returned forty minutes later before leaving again.

The papers — filed by his landlord — claim that Washington and his wife haven’t been paying their $20,000 monthly payments on their home in the Venice area of L.A. The complaint, filed by Sandalwood Properties, says Washington has not paid since November. His manager did not respond to a request for comment made by the Associated Press.

The 45-year-old was fired from Grey’s in 2007 after hurling a gay slur at costar T.R. Knight, who hadn’t come out of the closet at that point.

Mediaoutrage– Damn Isaiah, it must really hurt to see them stacks burn the hell up faster than the David Koresh compound.

24 Responses to “They Took My Sh*t Y’all!”

  1. CrystalShine said

    Ahh M.O.yall wrong for statement stacks burning faster than David Koresh compound!lol

    Well he should’ve paid in full 4 the house. 20,000 a month for 5 months you missed payments. Wonder if he will blame this on Weed. Anyway don’t let ya foot overload ya azz, cause maybe you still would’ve had a job!

  2. ucanb2 said

    Sometimes your personal opinions need to remain just that “personal”.

  3. Hard to feel sorry for the guy when he wasn’t sincere with his apology nor has he changed his asshole ways. Kick rocks biatch. Karma’s a mutha, ain’t it?

  4. 2020VIZN said

    The post title is rapidly killing me. Yall going to hell for that shit MO. But I stll cant stop laughing so I guess I will meet yall there. Now if yall will excuse me im going to find an A/C unit so we can be comfortable down there.

  5. lowridaz said

    that is a damn shame, 20,000 a month payment on a fucking RENT , not mortgage but RENT, and what the fuck was his wife doing, living off his money alone, that bitch couldnt conjur up 100 dollars on nothing damn, dont matter they was in way over their head, stupid ass

  6. Media Outrage said

    Lmao @ 2020

  7. See what screaming “fag” will do….I’d never scream fag on a set in Hollywood with a massive homosexual population there..thats just wrong!!!

    (Who is going to be that insensitive to a group of terd-tickling, butt-pirates anyway? If you want to collect tolls on the “HERSEY HIGHWAY” you shouldn’t be called a fag!)

  8. Smurfette said

    Damn DT!! Lmao! And 2020, im likin that pic!

  9. 2020VIZN said

    Oh word Smurfette, Thanks Im glad not everyone thinks I look like hammered dog shit. Thanks again Im flattered.

  10. Yea I Said It said


  11. 2020VIZN said

    Whats been Going on YISI, I see yall still got it poppin up in huuuuurrrr!!

  12. Yea I Said It said

    @ 2020 Where have you been? I missed you.

  13. Yea I Said It said

    @ 202 the next time you leave for a while give me a heads up. At least I won’t think the gov got you. Also I will be passing through your stumpin ground the middle of April going on a cruise. You are in Miami?

    Seven days of sex,food,sex,tours,sex,laying out,sex sex and more sex. Until I can’t walk from the room to the deck. Now that’s the life.

  14. 2020VIZN said

    I have………..Been around the world and ay ay ay…I cant find my baby!!! Been looking for you gurl. We have had a couple of Inspections going on at work and also a training excercise. I have not been able to get much down time but,I will try and catch up. Been missing you too!!

  15. MissTX85 said

    Lmao @ DT & 2020!

    I won’t say that’s what he gets cause times is hard. But what the hell?! 20 G’s on rent?! Yeah they are some dumb asses!

  16. 2020VIZN said

    Nuttin better than giving you the spaghetti legs and depleting my count until there is nothing but dust!!! Ooooh Sheeeeit, I knew you was gonna cum down here and get to this sooner or later. I got some new outfits and shit, some new lubricants……yeah, yeah, yeah.Lol Just playing…. I hope you have fun on you cruise….make sure you save a lil something…Dont play crazy, you know what Im talking bout!!!!!!

  17. Yea I Said It said

    LOL.. I do know what you are talkin about. by the way I do love your pic, just did’nt want to jump on it when i first saw it would have sounded like a groupie.

  18. 2020VIZN said

    *****SIDE EYE***** You know you aint got no problem being no Groupie, I was expecting you to change your name to ” Tee I said It” Lol. You know I aint got nuttin but love for you Babes!!!

  19. Yea I Said It said

    Yea well you know we all have out weakness. I will say the more I hear him speak on TV the more my skin crawls. I just need him to rap and not talk at all!

    You my dear are on a whole other level. I got you 2020, patience and time.

  20. 2020VIZN said

    I can dig it baby, You know Im happy wit what I get I aint selfish..Lol. I wait patiently, Im the king of the Jungle I know how to hunt baby!!

    But did you check that Link On the Post of NY returing to T.V. Post. You have to see that ish and I need to know if MsTX85 Knows that dude because he is Texas all day long….Woooooooh shit!!!!

  21. Truly23 said

    All I have to say, the landlord was a good one… Why in the hell did they wait all of this time before evicting!!! I sure hope they weren’t waiting on him to pull through with payment–word to the wise if he haven’t paid yo a$$ since Nov. what make you think he would pay yo a$$ today or whenever??? I guess it takes some people longer to learn than others…

  22. Truly23 said

    Oh my word to the wise comment was, get yo ish or just get ready to take an “L”…

  23. MissTX85 said

    @ 2020: nah I don’t know dude. The club he said he be at I don’t go there. And I’ve never seen him in my neck of the woods. He kinda gives Dallas a bad look dancing with his hand on his hip and snapping his fingers though. That’s just my opinion.

  24. Somecompassion said

    No idea why things could go so wrong with a good enough talented actor who looks wayyy better than many black ‘n other actors who get plenty of work. It is not just about the looks, he is def. a fine and engrossing actor. how he could have mismanaged his life so bad after getting such a good role beats me. So many other ceebrities have made worse mistakes and been allowed to move on and get plenty work again…..celebrities are known for their botch ups, tempers, mess ups and none of them have been as persecuted and hounded as this fella. They all are allowed to get back on their feet, keep working and people forgive and forget….uh uh.This guy did everything to right his wrong …but media, gays and the rest of folks just won’t let this actor off that hook…they just won’t spare him a break or some slack. How odd and weird… he from some other planet? an alien to be hunted offa the face of this earth ? lol Get a grip folks and get some compassion and be humane.

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