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Coupled Up

Posted by Media Outrage on April 2, 2009


Lance Gross and Eva Marcille hit up the premiere of new TV series “Brave New Voices” in Burbank, CA last night.  Sanaa Lathan, her father/director, Stan Lathan and Russell Simmons were all on hand for the premiere.  After taking a look, let us know whether you’re feeling Sanaa’s outfit. 


More pics when you



12 Responses to “Coupled Up”

  1. Yea I Said It said

    Sanaa dress and shoes are on two different planets. The dress belongs on a cougar. On the othere hand Lance and Eve look as always in tune with each other….

    That’s the way I want to look as soon as i find a man willing to be submissive…..(just joking)

  2. the dress is horrible but since it’s her who gives a fuck?!?! Men dont care whats on her body we care about what it looks like on our bedroom floor anyway…..

  3. Media Outrage said


  4. CrystalShine said

    Not feeling the tye dye dress! Eva is so pretty, I like her with the long hair look. Didn’t know they tied the knot already.

  5. MissTX85 said

    Nope! Not feeling Sanaa’s dress at all. Lance & Eva look nice together. I like the long hair look on her too.

  6. cynthia said

    sanaa’s dress is ugly, i don’t know who convinced her otherwise but shame on them for letting her leave the house in it…anyhoo, i luv eva and lance together, they’re a good looking couple who actually seem to enjoy each other

  7. ucanb2 said

    Lance and Eva do look good together…. She is so beautiful to me. Can someone buy that bag for me!!! That damn bag is HOT

  8. Ms. E said

    Lance and Eva look good together and her outfit is cute!

    Sanaa looks busted and I wish Russ would dress his age!

  9. lowridaz said

    what the hell SANAA has on, that shit look like something my grandmother walk around in , and them shoes, my god, YUK

  10. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ Lowridaz

  11. beach chick said

    No no to the dress and shoes on Lathan but her hair is really pretty.

    Eva is gorgeous and so is Lance…beautiful couple.

  12. Random said

    Eva Looks always…Lathan looks like straight A**..(as always).

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