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Quincy Brown’s Letter To His Father, Al B Sure

Posted by Media Outrage on April 14, 2009

Quincy Brown attends his father Al B. Sure's 40th Birthday Celebration at R&B Live Hollywood on June 4, 2008 at CineSpace in Hollywood, California.

Quincy Brown decided to pen a special letter dissin’ the sh*t out of his deadbeat daddy, Al B. Sure.  Peep game when you

Via GlobalGrind:

A Letter To My Father

I’ve been inspired throughout my life by special circumstances and unique experiences.  Foremost, I grew up with a family that injected me with unconditional love and enduring confidence.  This is my foundation … the family holidays and celebrations with my maternal lineage … supportive smiles in audiences at school programs … guiding hands to complete homework and special projects in the wee hours of the morning.
However, I grew up without my father, an irreplaceable force and influence that was absent in my life. I watched other kids enjoy the embrace of theirs, and I searched for a way to reconcile the meaning of my circumstance.
Despite my pain, I’ve imagined a life as a good son with my father. Baseball …  Playing in School Band … Church … All of the things that he would expect his son to do, I’ve done.  I’ve stood in front of audiences to receive awards. I heard their applause and praise.  But, the accolades have been absent the sound of his clapping hands and encouraging words … his voice that I could distinguish in my sleep. Where has he been?
Now, I reflect on the journey, the pain, the challenges, and the triumphs through this song.  I’m reconciled as a man, no longer a boy, in verse.  Now, I know that I’m not alone.
Albert Brown, also known as “Al B Sure!” is my biological father, but Sean Combs, also known as “Diddy” has been a father figure in my life for as long as I can remember. Sean Combs is the person whom I look up to and appreciate as a father. He is the one who help mold me into the person I am today and will always try to live up to his expectations. He has always been supportive of me and I will forever love and respect him. As far as my biological father goes, the “spitting image” is all I have taken from him. Throughout my life, I’ve always wondered about him; Where he was? What was he doing? and most importantly, Was he even thinking about me? The absence of my father has given me a better understanding of what type of man I am going to be. I am grateful for my mom’s love, support, guidance, and for her strength.
To those who share my plight, know that you have a great future … a DESTINY.  Take the lemons that you are handed and make lemonade.  Your journey is in “A Letter To My Father.”

– Quincy “iQ” Brown

Mediaoutrage–  Nothing like getting put on BLAST for not handling your responsibilities as a man.  Damn, Al.  SMH.

28 Responses to “Quincy Brown’s Letter To His Father, Al B Sure”

  1. 2thick4u said

    Glad that he had a positive role model in his life to take the place of his father :)!!!

    There are two sides to every story. It will be interesting to hear his father side!!!

  2. Ms. E said

    He even has a song dedicated to his absentee dad.

    I hope he is able to create a relationship with him after this letter…it’s messed up how he placed Al B on blast like that!

  3. w2m said

    Its a shame that a young man has to do this. My son is in a similar position (but without a Diddy like figure). There days I cried because I wanted someone to be in my life for him not so much for myself. The Lord has blessed and I have raised such a well adjusted and charismatic young man. He sells no drugs, no babies, and is very respectful.

    I appauld Quincy for having the nerve to get it off his chest and he did it in a respectful way.

    Much respect to Diddy, because although he got his faults it takes a real man to raise another man’s child.

    Hopefully he will not let this become a generational curse.

  4. Wow…that’s my kind of guy! Articulate and not afraid to put family members on blast publicly! I think I’ve found love…..

  5. Media Outrage said


  6. MoneAlicia said

    Wow…that was very mature of him. That’s messed up that you had another man playing Daddy to your seed. Al Be Shamed. It’s not too late to step up to the plate tho…

  7. MoneAlicia said

    Hate to say this but…Proactiv….that’s all.

  8. although i find diddy to be a booty bandit he did take care of another man’s kid very well. its a shame that there are still deadbeat dads out there who wont step up and be a man. i hope al b sure’s reading this and try to reconcile with his son.

  9. keepsitrealer said

    I agree with monealicia. Didn’t Diddy do a Proactiv commercial.

  10. ucanb2 said

    Go head ‘little man’ handle you business

  11. Yvonne said

    As the saying goes “all women have babies but all women are not mothers”. This can be applied to the man also. Just because Al is the biological father does not make him a dad.

    I applaud Diddy for stepping in and taking someone else’s child and showing him the love and guidance to raise him respectfully.

    Quincy looks just like his biological father.

  12. ALI-Boom-Bye-YAE said

    Dummy!Put’Cha Pops on Blast, Crawl from outta Diddy’s Ass! Do you know Justin’s rolemodel? Holla.

  13. Lacy said

    Bullshit! Kim kept him away from his father b/c she had bigger fish to fry !! She was too busy sucking cucumbers for VIP tix and keep ignoring AL-B’s calls ..

    Oh wow with all that nasty shit on his forehead , he probably could get an “NESTLE Crunch ENDORSEMENT” ..

  14. 2020VIZN said

    Thats good PD took care of a child that was not his, Im glad for him and Lil B Sure, this is a great story. I just want Rufus the Bus Driver who did the same thing as PD did to get his shine also. This is great and all Brothas stepping up and its nothing to thumb you nose at but regular brothas do this everyday and I salute them also.

  15. MissTX85 said

    Funny he’s said all this when there are pics of him, his dad and other brother on the net and everyone is all smiles. By the way, these are sort of recent pics. In my opinion, I think he just likes Diddy better because of the money. Al B. is probably the type of dad who feels he should work for what he wants and not use his dad’s celebrity to get by. Also, what young boy doesn’t look up to a flashy,rich, whoring man? Al B. probably don’t play that shit so Quincy’s lashing out.

    Just my opinion.

  16. MizzMimi said

    Wow he inherited not only the facial features but that gheri curl too from his dad. spitting image i say. Al B. please step up and be a dad to ur son. dam deadbeat

  17. key_so_jazzy said

    Just cuz its pics of him and his dad together doesn’t mean that his dad played an active role in his life. I have pics of me and my dad together that are recent and he was (and still is) a deadbeat dad.

  18. Lowridaz said

    that is sad when any man/woman does not acknowledge a child they bought in this world, how can they sleep at night, he has a very handsome young male son, and should of been honored to be there, says alot about him, and as far as diddy goes, if it is true what that kid says about him raising him, that is a blessing on diddy part, because regardless, it says alot about any man that steps in and raise another man child, and treat him well, and do good by him, that says alot about that man, because you got men that will step in and marry the mom and call themselves raising the kid, but secretly hate the kid, and treat him bad, and that is a loser allday, and that kid looks just like his dad to, damn shame

  19. loveandpeace said

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to grow up in the public eye. Growing up period is hard for anyone, let alone someone who is constantly being “looked at”. As a mother of a 14 year old son, I understand that teenagers have a lot of frustrations and issues with parents. Your feelings and emotions are real, however, they seem to come from a place of certain influence and confusion. You see sweetheart, I have learned in life that the best way to get someone’s attention is not to attack them, but to approach them in a way that they will listen. You are right, time is very important and can never be replaced, however, you can’t go back in the past but you can certainly move forward. You are obviously extremely smart, talented, handsome and blessed and right now, you have the whole world in your hands. The opportunities in life that God has blessed you with most people would kill to have. Heck, if you really think about it, there are some kids right now who live in Africa, and both parents are infected with AIDS and going to die at any given moment. Or, they don’t have a home, or clothes or even water to drink. When you start looking at these things, it makes you feel a little better about your own journey.
    Listen honey, I don’t want to seem preachy nor do I want you to feel like I am taking away from your own right to feel validated. We all need that respect, but the most important thing is that whoever is supporting you and loving you, should do just that. Give you a positive, loving home and environment that encourages things like FORGIVENESS. I am 1000% percent sure that your mom has done everything she can to give you the best life in the world!! No one, and I mean no one loves you like a mom!! But I am speaking of the millions of people out there who may not REALLY know you and your family besides the illusions that the machine of the media creates!! Being upset with your Biological father is real and I am sure he hears you loud and clear, however, comparing him to what YOU FEEL someone else has done for you IN PUBLIC is not the proper approach. In fact, now that I think about it, Diddy is a very busy man and I doubt very seriously if he spent a whole lot of quality time with you as well. He has to work numerous hours to maintain the business he built. Any man does!! That doesn’t take away from a man needing to be a father, I agree with you totally on that, however, balance is the key to life we ALL FIGHT TO LEARN. Negativity doesn’t do anything but cause grief. Really, trust me on this one. It eats at you and it makes is really hard to sleep at night! You obviously need to talk and express yourself and you have the right to do so, however, my mom always taught me “it’s not what you say, but how you say it”. Majority of the public are followers, but not you, your a leader!! I am reading what people have been saying and none of these people even know you!!! Thank God you have a family that loves you and supports you. My son’s father and I were never married and always in two separate households and that’s always hard on any child. Having money and being famous does not exclude you. In fact, it makes it that much harder because you think the whole world has their twisted opinions. Know one and I mean know one has the right to judge! So I leave you with this thought, please consider the encouragement to move forward and forgive. If you can come to a place where you can let go and try, you will feel so much better. This is going to take some time, but it’s worth trying. The black community has to get back to the basics, learn to love ourselves, children and others. Every decision we make affects everybody around us and we need to be better at embracing who we are fully! We can’t change who our parents are, but we can make the choice to deal with each other in a healthy way. You mentioned Barak Obama in your song, he didn’t really know his father and everyone knows that, however, since you seem to look up to him, realize that he has NEVER put his father down. One of the main reasons I believe he won the election, is because of how he handled the attacks that his opponents used to take him down very well. With class and grace. He came out on TOP!! The first black president in History!! I see the same bright future for you, at your age, life hasn’t even begun!! Keep your head up baby, and stay true to the depths of your heart!! I wish you and your family the absolute best!!

  20. justsayin said

    wow @ loveandpeace that is so deep.

  21. justsayin said

    for some raason i see p diddy written all over this letter; this does not look like a letter from a boy who recently looked all smily and comfy with his biological dad oh well justsayin.

  22. sweet_tea said

    I kind of feel like there are two sides to this story. That letter seems posed to me, how does he know what went on between adults back then? Kim was trying to move up in the game & she may have pushed Al out the picture to get in with Diddy. Diddy himself may have made it impossible for Al to see his son. There’s no telling what happened.
    I don’t feel bad for Quincy, he has the best of everything from Diddy & his Mom (who is a PROfessional baby mama I might add). So he’s lacking ONE thing, there are people in the world that don’t have a lot more & no step daddy who is richer than Jesus to step in. My advice to him (from personal experience): move on. If Al B. didn’t want you then, nothing will change that now. If he was wrong, he will let you know but you can’t keep picking open old wounds. If Quincy is truly a new “man” he’ll put his super fine chin up & keep it pushin.

  23. April said

    Sweet Tea you are right, Al B Sure will not change his feelings now to his son. Quincy needs to keep pushin and be a better man. I heard there was a fall out. Probably Al B putting his son on hold for his own record coming out. Quincy is now old enough to speak the truth and he probably wants people to respect that Diddy is the one who has been there for him and not just pop in and out of his life when he wants.

  24. April said

    also “loveandpeace” is Al B Sure!

  25. lowridaz said

    April, I am wondering the same thing as I read that letter, was this in fact Al B.Sure…. hmmmmm

  26. Jesse said

    Al B Sure is nothing but a sperm donor who leaves kids abandoned and other men to take care of them. Or worse the woman area alone. This is a big problem in this country. AL B Sure!! aint so sure of himself! He should hold his head in shame.

  27. MyCakes said

    ^^^^^I was listening to “Sexy Versus” CD awhile back and there is a “shout out” to Ike Turner on that CD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Makes you go HMMMMM…

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