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How did they get a camera under there?!?

Posted by Media Outrage on April 15, 2009


The paps are off the damn chain lol.  Here you see standing before you, Jessica Simpson.  Now the photogs managed to get a very close view of something.  Well we’ll let you check it out for yourself lmao!  Proceed to check it out


21 Responses to “How did they get a camera under there?!?”

  1. MizzMimi said


    I wanna be a papparazzi so I can learn tricks like that. That takes skill

  2. Marathon_Man said

    While under the hood I would have slid her a “side” order of Schlong.

  3. CrystalShine said

    Not to invade her privacy, well f*ck it the media already did! Is that the front or the back of her? Either way its not a good look. Now if we can catch men being exposed with big meat, Im all for it!

  4. MizzMimi said

    LMAO @ MM

  5. Ms. E said

    This is nasty as hell!!

    I just got done eating lunch and I come back to this two flat pieces of flesh…YUCK…BOOO to the person who took this pic?

  6. ucanb2 said

    WTH AND WHY??!!!

  7. WTF? What the hell was she sitting on?

  8. Gina said

    Jessica “no ass at all” simpson

  9. Tony Romo must have been doing some serious Hail Mary passing up in that flat ass….

    She needs to run to the gas station and put the air hose up in that!

  10. K-SMOOTH (LBC) said

    I dont know what Romo wants more. A playoff apperance or an ass for Jessica. U can start a slip-n-slide off that ass. Lets coin a new phrase thanks to jessica FLASS.

  11. justsayin said

    the person who got this pic is a pervet with no shame!

  12. Yvonne said

    Somebody had a shoe camera. LOL

  13. MissTX85 said

    What the hell?! My Chipotle almost came back up!

  14. beach chick said

    U know what….this is nasty! I take it this is the back of her! All of sudden I have a taste for some flapjacks! She is too rich not to have no ass! My seven year old is working with more than that!

  15. 2020VIZN said

    Damn I think she has been on her grind lately…..looks like she has been working her ass off. As a matter of fact who ever took this picture has taken up the #7 spot on my “you aint shit list”. This bullshit was totally unnecessary!!!

  16. MoneAlicia said

    Fa real Claudette, wtf was she sitting on???? Not even a thong or anything with that super short dress? What were u thinking Jess???

  17. Media Outrage said

    Lmao @ 2020.

    “Damn I think she has been on her grind lately…..looks like she has been working her ass off.”

    Lol witty.

  18. mussy said

    Leave Jess alone u haters.She looks good!!!and her butt,most white gals hav flat arses so dnt blame her.
    Love u Jess.

  19. lowridaz said

    all she need to do is , get implants, like the rest of her people, lol that is sad, her ass is the size of my lil sisters ass, and she is 7

  20. 2thick4u said

    They should ashamed of themselves for even releasing these pictures :(!!!

  21. sweet_tea said

    The real question is why she doesn’t have any panties on. At least that way you can tell the front from the back. That’s terrible, poor thing.

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