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Why So Unpleasant??

Posted by Media Outrage on April 15, 2009


Yesterday, it was Jay’s turn to take the lead when he and Beyonce left Bar Pitti in Manhattan.  Two days ago, Beyonce was spotted walking a few paces ahead of Jay, when it’s usually the other way around.  We sure hope they enjoyed their meal, because Hov has a very unpleasant look on his face.  More Jigga and Bey when you



16 Responses to “Why So Unpleasant??”

  1. I think somebody in the restaurant told him his hair was nappy as Issac Hayes beard, and realized that it wasnt the “good hair” he was told by his barber..

  2. CrystalShine said

    They seem 2 not like walking hand to hand! Is someone ashamed 2 show emotional reaction in public!

    He is unpleasant because she asked him to hold her umbrella so she won’t get wet. Jay says hell no! I don’t even hold your hand in public. Rollin his eyes!

  3. maliamalia said

    lol @ CrystalShine

  4. Ms. E said

    He is probably pissed after looking at her last movie ticket and dvd sales…”Bey’s you suppose to be da block, that’s who I married…now’s folks stomping on your block! I am the greatest rapper that ever lived…shh b#tch you walk behind me so you can kiss my hairy camel a$$!”

  5. Atlanta said

    Well she sure does not look pissed off.

  6. Gina said

    That’s just the way he looks….. UGLY.

    Damn he look like camel joe.

  7. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ Gina

  8. 2thick4u said

    Its fuuny to see his face looking unpleasent…it’s a good look :)!!!

    His head still looking like a nappy headed pussy 😦 !!!

    Loving the purse Beyonce is rocking :)!!!

  9. Cousin Bey rockin the natural face….lookin just like my sister! Can she just spit in a glass or something…I need to get this DNA test over with so I can get some free Dereon Hoodies(which are the only cute things they make).

    Anyway,Jay needs a barber…Can’t Tina cut hair? She is a beautician, she should cut her son-in-law’s hair….COUSIN JAY CUT YOUR DAMN HEAD!!! Please!

  10. ucanb2 said

    He is probably tired of paying for dinner ya’ll know that Bey can’t cook! LOL

  11. burnone said


  12. Yvonne said

    I don’t think he looks unpleasant, that’s just his natural look.

  13. MissTX85 said

    @ Yvonne-I agree. I mean don’t all camels look like that?

  14. beach chick said

    M.O. he is just being his usual ugly self!

  15. lowridaz said

    um who cares!! enough with all the rah rah about them two, im so sick of em, i dont see shit to either one of them, god bless em, but gee im sick of hearing about these two

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