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Nothing But Curves

Posted by Media Outrage on April 16, 2009


Dollicia Bryan and Melyssa Ford were giving them HELL last night, during the Lady Hennessy Lounge Coctail Reception in NY.  We don’t care whether you’re a butt or a breast man, these two stunnas are guaranteed to have something YOU like.  Toccara joined in the fun by posing for and taking plenty of pictures.  Fellas, we have to ask, if you had the choice of these 3 women, which one would you take and why?  More titilating images when you




19 Responses to “Nothing But Curves”

  1. Marathon_Man said

    I got to go with Melyssa Ford. Just LOOK at that ASS would you? Nah I’m telling you to LOOK at it! Plus the face is fly so if I had to choose, I’m going home with Melyssa and waking up with a very SCRATCHED up back.

  2. Gina said

    MO!!!!!!!!! I’m still waiting for the male eye candy!!!!!

  3. Marathon_Man said

    Oh and she’s waking up with a perscription for a hi-tech wheel chair.

  4. beach chick said

    Seriously MO….where are the men?!

  5. JJ Evans said

    Dollicia Bryan. All 3 could get laid down on the bed but Dollicia First. Then Melyssa get your ass on in here lol.

  6. Paul said

    MO because I’m a breast man, I’d prefer Toccara. All three of the women are attractive. Who is Dollicia Bryan? What does she do?

  7. Marathon_Man said

    Yo MO don’t let these women sway ya’ll! All your staff does is show DUDES! Like damn, can the fellas get some damn Eye candy once in a while. More women MO! Lol.

  8. Udamnright said

    Hard one….I’d have to flip a coin. But my selection would be between Dollicia and Melyssa.

  9. I’d flip a coin to see which one would get it first, next to first and last first! Im a tit and ass man! Having one without the other is like drinking kool-aid with no sugar. Or ham with no burger.

    There is enough tity meat in that room to suffocate an elephant.

  10. ESPN said

    Melly Ford

  11. Ralphy J. said

    Dollicia is not a doll. She looks like an old tired dude that got implants and put on a dress that the plant from lil shop of horrors threw up on…

    Tocarra & Melyssa Ford are about equal, but Tocara has that “If you think you can handle me, think again look.”

    Melyssa Ford looks kind. Like she’d cook you breakfast and deal with ur mom.

    But I wouldn’t know anything, just a lil’ boy…

  12. Blakmaine said

    Melissa Ford looking fine as always don’t know who the other girl is or care.

  13. Whatyouwantnikka said

    miss issa & angelica could get it.

  14. Cut Up said

    Toccara all day!! Um…..and all night too. She a big chick, got a lot of ground to cover. I think she a freak too.

  15. MoneAlicia said

    Thanx Ralphy. I think that Dollicia needs to stay outta the sun. She looks like leather. Pretty face, but wtf is up with ur skin?? MoneAlicia, aka the future dermatologist, does NOT approve.

    We already know Mel’s bad!

  16. ucanb2 said


  17. Melyssa look like Thelma for Good Times in that pic…and I think I can find the cap to her weave….the other chick is a buttaface….nice bods though…

  18. joneblaze said

    Im still in love with Toccara but they can all come by my place anytime

  19. Nina said

    Dollicia Bryan. Is that a dude? Transgender?

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