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Ladies Love Cool James

Posted by Media Outrage on April 17, 2009


LL was surrounded by nothing but adoring women fans, last night, as he hosted a party at TAO, in Vegas.  You sort of forget that this cat is a good 40 something years old.  But then again, when you’re getting surgery to make the age signs disappear for a little while, it’s completely understandable.  More LL when you




16 Responses to “Ladies Love Cool James”

  1. All I can say is Yum!!!! He is definately a DILF

  2. Shit, that stage looks like its the size of my bathroom sink.

    LL, please for your legacy sake, STOP RAPPING! Watching you rap is like watching Muhammed Ali and Joe Friazer fight… TODAY!

    Please, produce something or just go through mid life crisis and fuck a whole bunch of white women…anything but the stage son!

  3. ucanb2 said

    I like LL.

  4. sweetthang said

    LOL @ DT!! he is fine though! whew

  5. Marathon_Man said

    Yea LL needs to hang up the mic. I agree with DT, just go SKEET your life away like a real RAPPER,.

  6. Random said

    He’s Sexy!

  7. The only problem I have with these pics is that he’s wearing a shirt….he should NEVER wear a shirt!!!

  8. crystalshine said

    L.L. Cool J can still get!

  9. Ms. E said

    Dt you are a trip!! I don’t care how much plastic surgery this man done had…he is so dam sexy!!!

  10. Gina said

    I agree with claudette.
    He needs to take the shirt off

  11. Ms. E said

    Gina, How about just let LL walk around butter ball naked!

  12. Yvonne said

    He was cool and fine back in the day but IMO he is starting to look too girlie in the face which turns me off on everything else about him now.

  13. MissTX85 said

    See M.O. ya’ll ain’t right! Ya’ll give us the eye candy but never how ya’ll give it to the men. Ya’ll heard Claudette, Gina & Ms. E. Why can’t we see LL w/o a shirt or with his ass out or something?! Why can’t he be damn near butt naked?!

    Just saying.

  14. MoneAlicia said

    Holy white girls Batman! Did they just leave a Britney Spears concert or sumn??? Lol..j/k its all luv…

  15. beach chick said

    I just think that he needs to move on to something else, he is hella sexy but he needs to retire and maybe stick to acting or producing.

  16. beach chick said

    MissTX85 has a point…why the hell is LL fully dressed!

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