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Singing Her Heart Out

Posted by Media Outrage on April 21, 2009


Patti LaBelle, performed down in Miami Beach, during The Blacks Annual Gala.  Patti really knows how to throw on some unique designs.  Lil’ Wayne brought his little tatted up frame through and did his thing on stage.  Bernard Hopkins and Dennis Rodman were both in the building. 


A few more flicks when you




8 Responses to “Singing Her Heart Out”

  1. crystalshine said

    I love me some Pattie! She still looks good for her age! Her cookbook has some great recipes!

  2. Yeah I Said It said

    Not feeling Pattis coatdress. Lizard boy looks a mess as par for his lizard skin. Dennis spends wears the same jacket and jeans with different scarfs for a shirt always. I don’t know why anyone would want to wrap themselves in pink party streamer/bridal shower material.

  3. Patti would still get it….Senior citizen or not she would be using her AARP discount on a pack of Magnums fuckin with me….

    Little Wayne looks like a cartoon mosquito, so that is scary.

    Dennis is truly the poster child for drunken people to wear a condom…..cause yo kid could look like him!!!

  4. Ms. E said

    I love Patti…but that fancy, shiny, new housecoat has got to go!!!

    Weezy looks like he has on diapers and they forgot to change them for hours..cuz look how his pants are hanging…he got stinky bowels in his pants 🙂

  5. ucanb2 said

    I love to hear Ms Patti sing, but some of those futuristic outfits remind me of when she was singing “Lady Marmalade”

  6. MissTX85 said

    I love Patti and everything about her but I am not feeling that dress. Still though, I hope I look as good as she does when I get her age.

    Where the hell is the exterminator?! I know they saw the dreadlock roach on stage.

  7. Smurfette said

    Patti always looks great! Damn, I still aint cop that cookbook yet!

  8. Ms . Wingard said

    pattie great singer but the truth is she one ugly dude lol !

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