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Double Trouble

Posted by Media Outrage on April 28, 2009


Idris Elba and Michael Ealy were both present during ESPN’s 6th Annual Pre-Draft Party at Espace in NYC.  Both gents provided more than enough eye candy for female onlookers.  Ladies, we would like to know, between Idris and Michael, which one is more appealing and why.  Kim Kardashian, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Winky Wright, Spinderella, Osi Umenyiora, Wanita D Woods, Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy were all in the building.  Plenty more pics when you







27 Responses to “Double Trouble”

  1. cutiewitbigbooty said

    I just wanted to be FIRST to say that I would RIDE the hell out of both THESE FINE BROTHAS.

    They both are gorgeous. Perfect mix…light skin and dark chocolate. Michael Ealy’s eyes are something to behold.

  2. WomenR2BRespected said

    Laz Alonso is gorgeous also. I love dark skin men, so Idris would be my choice. Michael Ealy is very attractive. I loved him in “Barbershop.” Nice eye-candy.

  3. Lai'Lani said

    Staring at Michael’s eyes are enough for a woman to just cream her panties lol. I too, prefer darker men, so Idris would be the lucky winner of this prize. I hate that my boyfriend reads this site! I want to say so so much more! LOL

  4. Helen said

    I need this picture as my new screensaver. If I weren’t married, then give me Idris. If he wasn’t available then give me Michael Ealy. His eyes are so sexy. Osi is handsome also. No comment on anyone else.

  5. w2m said

    I normally love, love, LOVE dark skin men, but I have to go with Michael Ealy. He is smart and just so attractive inside and out (from what I’ve seen on interviews), but the one man I want that wasn’t in the choices is Laz Alonso. Now this is the whole package. He is intelligent, handsome, well spoken and a philantrophist.

  6. ucanb2 said

    Chocolate and Vanilla… Yummm!

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you. MO, I guess y’all finally got the hint on how desperate us women folk are on having some male eye candy up in this jawn.

    Let’s be clear tho, your redemption comes wrapped in the Michael, Idris and Laz variety…the rest, meh, I’ll pass.

    MO, this almost clears you of that nonsense last week in the shiny suit… I’m still traumatized over that fuckery…LOL.

  8. w2m said

    Yes, Thank you MO for the male eye candy. Loving it!!

  9. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    AWW more sweet treats!!!

    thanks MO….

    Both gents are incredibly gorgeous but i have to say Idris Elba

  10. Freddy Yes I'm Gay said

    Got Damn! HAAAAAAAY! I’ll take both!

  11. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    lol@ Lai’lani : I hate that my boyfriend reads this site! I want to say so so much more!

  12. Kimberly said

    I heart Michael Ealy! Met him in NY a year ago and that man is nothing but gorgeous.

  13. crystalshine said

    Call it whicha want, both are talented, and fine! I will take both of them!

  14. Lowridaz said

    i love my chocolate brothers, the one with the light eyes is nice , be weird to be with a man with the same color eyez as mine, so i will have to go with the chocolate brother, i love me some chocolate,

  15. Lowridaz said

    not only that, a man with a pretty ass smile, dimples, and nice bod, not to muscular but cut up just right, nice hair, and long eyelashes, bedroom eyes, pretty skin whewewweeewieee, he would have to pry me off that stick , he be walking around with me stuck on that stick riding him all day long, and i can speak freely, my husband doesnt even go online , lol

  16. Yeah I Said It said

    I take Michael Ealy,on Sunday Tuesday Thursday. Make sure he makes love to me in the day time with the curtain wide open and the sun coming in.. I need to look in his eyes.

    I take Osi Umenyiora Saturday Monday Wednesday. We would make slow love, the kind that makes you stop breathing….

    I take Laz Alonso on Friday. His neck is perfect for a dog collar. He looks like the take all day sex type…..

  17. Ms. E said

    I’d take Michael and Idris any day of the week both have hot bodies and they make me want to smack my mama!!

  18. Morena said

    Idris- He’s just a whole lotta man! I would love to be wrapped in those arms!

    Micheal- his eyes are just breathe-taking. His smile is adorable too!

    KeeP it UP MO! two sexy men posts in one day haha!

  19. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    lol @ Yeah I Said It Says, you’re kind of getting a little too greedy lol with all the goodlooking gents

  20. Yeah I Said It said

    @ Maliamalia… Waiting on MO to post I have to take while the taking is good…

  21. MissTX85 said

    Gotdammit MO I could kiss ya’ll! Now this is what I’m talking ’bout! Now if only they were half-naked….

    Since I love the CHOCOLATE brothas, I’d go with Idris.

    But seeing as Michael Ealy has those sexy, hypnotizing eyes and that smile, I’d take him too.

    Then there’s Laz. MO how ya’ll gon’ leave his FINE ass out?! Whew! Now that man there could get it all day, everyday!

    Better yet, give me all 3 at once! Shit there’s a 1st time for everything!

  22. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    @ Yeah I Said It, so true lol, hopefully our sweet and dearest MO will keep up with the sweet eye candy post for us ladies!!!!

  23. Beyonce_Stan said

    Sorry, I want me some Michael Ealy! Wooo wooo woo! Just looking at him does it for me. My man is good looking and all but NOT THAT FINE LOL.

  24. Smurfette said

    Idris alllllll day! Lol

  25. Kanyade said

    I’m late to the party but let me tell ya *wipes saliva* BOTH these gentlemen could get it. At the same time! 😆 GOD they are FINE!

  26. frankiejames said

    Idris Elba can go “wolfman” on me anyday!!!!

  27. Mobay said

    I’m married, love n respect my hubby,,,, but boy,,,,, michael oh michael, yummy.

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