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Scott Storch Spent $30 Million On Cocaine Habit

Posted by Media Outrage on April 28, 2009

Scott Storch

Scott Storch, has opened up, about his cocaine habit, that led him to blow more than $30 million in 3 years.


Via ContactMusic:

Producer SCOTT STORCH blew $30 million (£20.7 million) in just three years after becoming hooked on cocaine.
The Grammy-winning beatmaker, who has worked with the likes of 50 Cent, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Christina Aguilera, has hit headlines in recent months after missing payments on his Miami, Florida mansions, his luxury cars and child support obligations.
Most recently, he pleaded not guilty to grand theft auto after allegedly failing to return a leased Bentley on time.
But Storch has finally opened up about his financial woes, blaming his money situation on a devastating drug habit that resulted in him hitting rock bottom.
He’s now in recovery after enrolling in a rehabilitation programme and insists he’s back behind the mixing board to focus on his work.
Storch tells MTV News, “I’m taking it back to square one (going back into the studio).
“I found myself slipping a little bit. I got involved in doing drugs. I had to get myself into recovery. Being in the life that I was living – very fast-moving, option to do anything you want, go anywhere you wanna go – it definitely takes its toll on you, and you lose your concept of reality. I had to get it under control. I had to take it back to the beginning and back to the Hit Factory (studio), where I made a lot of my hits.”
Storch reveals he’s now living in a facility where he is monitored by a live-in drug counsellor and has to abide by a curfew.
And he has credited music publishers TVT with helping him to make the most of his second chance at success.
Storch adds, “Just taking it day by day,” the producer said of his life now. “I haven’t won the war. It’s not like something you can just fix and it’s just gone. Addiction is a disease, and I have to constantly battle it. I feel so much better and have more clarity, especially in the studio. It’s cool. It’s been a really productive period. …With the help of my publisher TVT, I’ve had the chance to …come up with a whole new vibe. I’m very happy right now.”

Mediaoutrage–  Okay, that explains his sudden financial troubles.  Snortin’ that stuff will definitely deplete your stacks.  Glad he’s getting some help.

25 Responses to “Scott Storch Spent $30 Million On Cocaine Habit”

  1. ucanb2 said

    What the hell???!!

  2. w2m said

    WTF!!!! ““I found myself slipping a little bit.” MFer you blew $30 MILLION not $30 dollars. Hell you slipped more than a damn little bit.

  3. Marathon_Man said

    wow this nigga was wildin’ out. $30 million?! Sheeit! I’m in the wrong damn BIZNESS! LOL.

  4. Marathon_Man said

    I need to be serving up that white powder for real lol. I probably would get killed real quick though, cause I’m allergic to JAIL so I’d be filling them bags with straight SUGAR AND FLOUR. LMAO.

  5. w2m said

    LMAO@MM, you ignant….SUGAR and FLOUR!!

  6. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ MM

  7. crystalshine said

    At what point did he figure he was off track? Must’ve been when he hooked up with DMX! 30 million spent on coke, man you done put a whole kilo in ya nose!

    Wonder if Ricky Rawse was the supplier. On deeper than rap album, he does have a song out talking bout He’s rich off cocaine!

  8. Mike said

    I think he was black and took so much cocaine that hes white now…….

  9. 30 Million of cocaine in his nose he should be able to shit out the Mountains of Columbia with that much snow!

  10. Ms. E said

    That is truly messed up!!!

  11. MissTX85 said

    The hell?! 30 mil on coke?! Man that fool must was snortin’ more than 1 key at a time!

  12. Lio said

    WOW….that explains everything ..”fuck my mortgage and car payments , I need some cocaine”..hahaha

  13. Smurfette said

    This is an example of $$ in the wrong hands. Give me 30 million. U damn sho won’t see the irs knockin on my door and I won’t be in nobody rehab.

  14. Marathon_Man said

    $30 million?! I know he didn’t spend all of it on the cocaine, and the drugs just helped him go crazy and blow the dough, but damn.

    I know a lot of crazy ass red nosed white boys that just look like they do that shit. They driving porsches and mo shit. I could make a few sells of Flour and water and relocate.

  15. 2020VIZN said

    I might be a pecimist but, this clown didnt snort up no 30 million dollars, he is trying to get sympathy. Its easier to get forgiven for smoking 30 million, than it is to get understanding for flossing and blowing 30 milli. His ass bought a Bugatti, that 20 million dollar boat, 10 million dollar crib, a Bently for Lil Kim, and a bunch of other foolishness. He aint made that much money to be buying all that shit, he was a damn producer, not an executive producer.

  16. Yvonne said

    I can’t even began to understand how one person can spend $30 million dollars on drugs in three years. I just can’t.

  17. Smurfette said

    @ Yvonne, u can spend that much if u partyin and buyin drugs fo yo friends too! Look at Tyrone, he had that 300,000 crack party, and even took out an ad in the paper for it! Lol

  18. uluvhershey said

    He helped somebody make a come up lol

  19. James Worthing said

    Bullshit! There’s no way. He’d be dead.

  20. itsurboi said

    who the f_(K spends 30 grand a day on coke? They need to run more test on him cause he probably pisses sweet tea and sneezes cotton candy, somebody sold him $30 million worth of pure white once cut sugar blended sweet n low and half a tab of clariton

  21. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ Itsurboi

  22. brynnrock said


  23. Unkle Death said

    If this is true, Storch is probably in Fabo mode right about now!



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