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Beyonce Angers Art Museum In Vienna

Posted by Media Outrage on April 30, 2009


Beyonce decided to go shopping two days ago with her mother, Tina.  Sounds great, but she was already scheduled to make and appearance at the Albertina, which is one of the country’s most famous museums, but instead, Bey sent over a body double while she pop tags. LOL.


Via Yahoo:

VIENNA (AFP) – US pop star Beyonce has angered a high-brow art museum in Vienna by sending a look-a-like to her own special personal tour of the museum, while she went shopping, according to newspaper reports here Wednesday.

Tabloid dailies Oesterreich and Heute said the R&B diva had been due to visit the Albertina, one of the Austrian capital’s most famous museums which attracts around one million visitors each year.

Recent visitors include Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage.

But Beyonce, who gave a concert in Vienna on Tuesday, decided to skive off and do some shopping instead, sending a look-a-like to the museum and be photographed with Albertina director, Klaus Albrecht Schroeder, according to the reports.

The museum was understandably put out and said it would protest to the star’s management.

“What a cheek,” Albertina spokeswoman Verena Dahlitz told the Austrian news agency APA.

“We were a little doubtful yesterday, but weren’t really sure. It could have been her,” Dahlitz said, adding that fans were apparently duped, too.

Beyonce’s concert in Vienna met with very mixed reviews and was only half-full, according to Oesterreich.

Update:  This might shed some light onto what really happened. Click Here.

Mediaoutrage–  Hilarious!

15 Responses to “Beyonce Angers Art Museum In Vienna”

  1. Ms. E said


    That is terrible..folks waiting to see her and she sends a wax figure!!

    Maybe she just needs a break from all of the touring and ish! She looks drained and tired in these pics.

  2. lowridaz said

    if she did do that, that was wrong, if she didnt want to do it, she shouldnt of did it, or just like Ms. E said, take a break, or even if she went and took the pics, then shopped afterwards, by the way her shoes are hottt, i love em

  3. crystalshine said

    Those shoes are nice, but looks like someone needs a stylist! Street gear with your tour shoes and that ugly hat isn’t a good outfit combination.

    Now is it me or does bey not have on her xtra hips and ass pads on in this pic showing her from the back?

    She’s wrong for playing Vienna ppls like that, looks like ya lost fans bey!

  4. BaddBrownChik said

    Obviously you didn’t read the UPDATE….. she was not suppose to be there it was set up as a prank (not by her) by a radio station…read everything before u go assuming things! ughhh soooo many people hate this woman but she doesn’t let it bother her, she IS that BI**H point blank period:)

  5. Ms. E said

    @ Crystalshine – I was about to say something about the pads 🙂 ..but I am gonna be good today!!

  6. MissTX85 said

    She look sick in these pics. And those shoes are hideous.

    I’d already read about this though. It was a prank from a radio station. It wasn’t Bey’s doing.

  7. crystalshine said

    Yea okay didn’t read everything but so what! Movin on!

  8. crystalshine said

    @Miss E. Its okay, I took care of it 4 u!

  9. Ms. E said

    Who really cares?!

    I think Bey should get some serious rest when she is done touring.

  10. ucanb2 said

    Ok no-harm, no-foul….say what you want but Bey tries really hard to protect her image from negative publicity. So that didn’t sound right. I actually like the shoes.

  11. ll said

    Ugh, why link to P*r*z Hilton? Other blogs have that update and they don’t make their living drawing penises on pictures and hating women.

  12. Marathon_Man said

    What’s up with the shoes she’s wearing? Is that some new ish?

  13. 1coolazzchic said

    wow i wonder if people are mad because she just looks happy in this pic

  14. Yeah I Said It said

    Bey i see you can’t catch a break… It’s cool you know you on your game. MO enough already

  15. 2020VIZN said

    I didnt know “Junior” from “Players Club” was her body. I was wondering why he hasnt had a acting gig lately. Im sure the body guard job pays more than them garbage ass parts he bw playing pays, Im glad he has a job in this recession cause his arse is Z-Listed.

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