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The Why Am I With This N*gga?? Look

Posted by Media Outrage on April 30, 2009


T-Boz and Takeo Spikes were spotted front row during last night’s Hawks vs Heat game at Philips Arena.  The Hawks put it on the Heat once again, moving that series back to Miami 3-2.  D Wade better step the Hell up and soon or their season is over.  Jeezy, Wayne Gandy, and your boy T.I. were all on hand for the action.  Who wins this series?


More pics when you




18 Responses to “The Why Am I With This N*gga?? Look”

  1. Ms. E said

    YIKES…she is with him!!

    T.I. is the highlight of the game!!

  2. Beyonce_Stan said

    I love Jeezy. My perfect man right there.

  3. MissTX85 said

    They make a nice couple.

    Look at T.I. with his little sexy self!

  4. Damn….am I the only one who got wet looking at Jeezy? Made up for the gremlin Tboz was sittin next to…

  5. When Takeo smiles, why do I think of a YELLOW picket fence? DAMN! I don’t wanna judge a book by it’s cover, but sumfin is tellin me ole boy is about as smart as a bag of rocks.

    I’d be giving him the side eye as well. T-Boz is actually being quite nice.

  6. Marathon_Man said

    LOL @ Claudette.

    T Boz is looking tired (sleepless).

  7. beach chick said

    LMAO @ the title!

    I think we ALL have been there before….lol lol lol

  8. lowridaz said

    i didnt know that was Tboz, i didnt recognize her wow

  9. ucanb2 said

    I always thought she was very attractive… didn’t recognize her right off.

  10. Cut Up said

    T-Boz got that “If this shit here don’t work, then it is back to the block look”

  11. 1coolazzchic said

    She was lookin at him like nigga, don’t say nothing stupid.

  12. She is looking at him like…

    “Thanks for paying all my bills and getting me out of debt! You are a ugly ma fucka, but I’ll give it up anyway baby!”

  13. TINAMAR said

    Quincy Jones is a pervert dating 17 year old middle eastern girls. His daughter Martina aka Olive needs some water for the twig legs and arms of hers, branches dried out, her horse mouth keeps yappin and her olives are falling off. The jones family is vile.

  14. TINAMAR said

    I cannot stand that Olive tree bitch!

  15. Yeah I Said It said

    LOL @ Tinamar/martina

  16. Yeah I Said It said

    His teeth so buttery yellow, all he needs is the popcorn. Turn out the lights in the place and he can rape as many women as he wants, nobody will see him,not even his yellow as teeth. If he kiss Tboz her lips with caught in between his so called teeth. If he go south on any woman I just know it will feel like a saw cuttin her shit up. Them razor sharp spaced out bunny rabbit sticks in his mouth can only suck on neckbones.

  17. YISI….

    but for his bankroll would you kiss him?!?!?…I keep saying “Ugly is the new fine”

  18. Yeah I Said It said

    @ DT, HELL TO THE NO If it was just him and I left on earth and told to procreate. I would slit my own throat. If we were in jail and this nigga wanted to rape me. I would eat my own shit to and smear it over my body to keep him away. If he held my life in his hand. I would shoot myself in the head to make it quick and fast to get away from those hunters teeth.

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