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Deelishis Talks Sex Tape

Posted by Media Outrage on May 5, 2009


Most women would probably be trying their best to conceal the fact that there’s a sex tape floating around of them.  Not Deelishis, she’s telling the man that has it, to release it for public perusal.  Peep game


23 Responses to “Deelishis Talks Sex Tape”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    This broad is so tired….your 15 min are up. Take a seat in the back of the garbage can.

  2. beach chick said

    Oh goodness…is she still riding her booty wave and on top of that she is basically saying…”hey if that doesn’t show how much of ho I am…maybe this will…”Hey everybody I made a sex tape! Somebody please find it and put in youtube and MediaTakeOut…Please”! See, this is what happens when there is no back up plan after the nonsense is over.

    Our black women have got to realize that we can only go so far with a big butt and a smile! We have got to aim higher!!!

  3. beach chick said

    NO..YISI…she needs to get in the garbage can and wait for that big green or blue truck and then be taken to the city dump! Such nonsense and she is like in her 30s!

  4. Yeah I Said It said

    LOL @ BC….”Oh goodness…is she still riding her booty wave” That’s funny

  5. 2thick4u said

    Cute pants :)!!!

    London needs to sit down, I don’t think her 15 mins will ever be up…men will continue to support that ASS :)!!!

  6. Doesn’t she have a child? A little girls? And no one has call CPS on her ass? This is ridiculous! Why the fuck would she want to do some shit like this? It’s degrading and disrespectful…she should get her paternal rights taken away!!!

  7. Ms. E said

    She makes me throw up everytime I look at her..she has no class she is more like trash!!

  8. i wanna see this tape. If she aint getting skeeted on that phat ass, i want my money back!

  9. crystalshine said

    Oh boy another big azz being, such a dumbazz! Why bother tellin the man 2 put it out now, maybe he don’t nobody to see it! Probably was bad in bed, and wasn’t worth posting! Anyway I agree with beach chick no class!

  10. She dated flav for fame is this really that much of a surprise? Damn dads used to fear their daughters getting on the pole now we have to worry bout random sex tapes! sheesh!

  11. ucanb2 said

    SMDH…. What the Hell?!!

  12. joneblaze said

    I guess red light disttric video is about to release the dvd i wont pay for it but it will definitely pop up on the net so..ha ha ..wink
    Luv to see that booty get pounded

  13. w2m said

    She always screams EWWWWWWWW to me.

  14. MissTX85 said

    Damn! But not only does she have a daughter, ain’t she engaged too?!

  15. lowridaz said

    if she telling him that, then why dont she just do porn, she look like a cheap dolla store hoe anyhow, only thing she got is that ass, still doesnt define her as a woman, she is a piece of shit

  16. cutiewitbigbooty said

    Yup Dee has a daughter and a fiancee. Struggling to remain relevant.

  17. Rob said

    watch the sex tape at:

  18. tasha said

    Does anyone happen to know what kind of pants/jeans Deelishis is wearing? I have been trying to find out the name brand or a store in NYC where I can purchase them. Only reply if you have correct info. Thanks.

  19. im a fan of a bad chick in fuck action but the rolls on her thighs and keloids on her skin is so not worth a sex tape…

  20. monealicia said

    Love you London, but sweetie PLEASE do some LUNGES! I could skate on those waves in your hamstrings. No me gusta!

  21. GAY said



    i wanna fuck da shit out of deelishis all in her asshole n nut in it too

  23. Maria Menounos…

    […]Deelishis Talks Sex Tape « Media Outrage[…]…

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