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Guess Who???

Posted by Media Outrage on May 5, 2009


Guess who was spotted enjoying the clear blue waters at Miami Beach???  Peep game to find out if you’re right or wrong as hell…


It’s Kelly Ripa and her protruding belly-button…



19 Responses to “Guess Who???”

  1. cynthia said

    never woulda got that…..

    her chest looks so muscular, and why are her front and back two different shades?

  2. monealicia said

    Uh, and her man boobs! WTF??? She looks like a guy.

  3. My tits are bigger than hers..she got ninnies!! Get her some similac doctor!!!

  4. Cut Up said

    She got the 11th finger coming out of her stomach

  5. Random said


  6. lio said

    Ladies..this is NOT what guys me…

  7. ucanb2 said

    LOL @ the posts… Kelly is best left with her shirt on .

  8. Ralphy J. said

    and this is eye candy…HOW?

  9. Ralphy J. said

    MO, don’t ever pull this bullcrap again. Get a beautiful, full-figured CHOCOLATE woman on here to make me guess and if she’s not black, at least not look like a charity ad…

  10. joneblaze said

    Her belly button is bigger than her tits Ripa please eat something!!!!

  11. lowridaz said

    she look anorexic, damn

  12. beach chick said


  13. w2m said

    no ma’am

  14. MissTX85 said

    Poor thing! She needs a few good ole Southern home-cooked meals too!

  15. Ms. E said can see her bones!!!

    Her belly button looks gross

  16. redhat said

    mmmm. i want her to put her belly button in my pee hole

  17. itsurboi said

    her belly button lookslike it could double as a sundial

  18. Yeah I Said It said

    LMAO @ Post #17

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