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The Kentucky Derby

Posted by Media Outrage on May 6, 2009


Lynn Whitfield attended the 135th Kentucky Derby in Louiville, Kentucky this past weekend.  We’re loving the originality of her outfit.  Loving the colors Lynn.  The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, Gabrielle Union, Mekhi Phifer, his fiancee`, Oni Souratha, Star Jones, Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner, were all down in Kentucky for the festivities.  Who’s outfit are you feeling the most??  The big hats are a tradition.


More Derby pics await you…..




24 Responses to “The Kentucky Derby”

  1. 2thick4u said

    MO, I have to disagree with you on the Lynn comment. She looks horrific. Those colors don’t match. She is to pretty to be walking out the house looking like Bozo :(!!

    Gabby looks nice. Star hat is fierce :)!!!

  2. beach chick said

    Everyone looks a great with the exception of Lynn Whitfield! She was dead wrong for all those colors!

  3. Why hats to a derby?!?!? Never understood that bullshit!…….

    Lynn Whitfield looks like a Christmas stripper……That hat looks like a pregnant peacock exploded on her head.

    And there isnt a hat or picture big enough to have Aretha Franklin in…..Those big ass tity’s are so big her bra size is a zip code!!!!

  4. All I can say about Kris Jenner is…Ladies and Gentlemen….Kim in 20 years!!! I love Kim’s hat though…her outfit is hot!

    Who is that in the Alice in Wonderland tea party hat? Is the Aretha? I mean I would know if I could see her head!

    I like Lynn’s hat but it isn’t Derby-ish enough for me….all in all they all look like they going to church…

  5. Miss Behave said

    Lynn is a few eggs short of a nest

  6. Marathon_Man said

    Lynn’s outfit is hilarious lol.

  7. MissTX85 said

    Not feeling Lynn’s outfit.

    Loving Gabrielle and Kim K & her mom’s hats!

    Aretha’s is okay.

    Star’s hat looks like it’s about to make her big head ass topple over!

    Is that a purse Mekhi’s holding?!

  8. MoneAlicia said

    Get it bitches! You all look not! Luv Kim’s ensem.

    Star needs a paper bag tho. And some sleeves! Gross…

  9. MoneAlicia said

    MissTX, I think it’s supposed to be a man bag.

    Either way, it’s super fruity. Man up and get a money clip or a wallet!

  10. Yeah I Said It said

    2 MoneAlicia. Did anyone ever tell you,you kind of look like Phyllis Hyman/

  11. MoneAlicia said

    Really? That’s a first. I always get a young Anita Baker.

  12. Yeah I Said It said

    @ MoneAlicia. I don’t see Anita. I do see Phyllis. I promise I am not into women. But i though she was really cute and i love her voice

  13. Atlanta said

    yeah Lynn looks great.

  14. Miss Behave said

    Interesting… Phyllis Hyman looks more like YISI gravie, but her real life body double is Jazmine Sullivan.

    I can definately see Anita baker in MoneAlicia, she often has her hair combed to the front like yours.

  15. Yeah I Said It said

    Miss Behave: It’s her eyes they have the same. What is gravie?

  16. Yeah I Said It said

    Mekhi Phifer, his fiancee look the best.Kim look tired. Gabby this is not a funeral

  17. Smurfette said

    Didn’t Phyliss hyman kill herself?

  18. Karen said

    Is the the only pair of shoes Kim took to the Derby?? Just seen her in them for Cinco Del Mayo too…. damn girl, you hittin’ bad or packing light??? Also, WHERE is Gabby’s MAN AT?? Why you always rollin’ solo, chick??

  19. Miss Behave said

    Yeah Phyllis Hyman committed suicide by overdosing on pentobarbital and secobarbital.

    @YISI, gravie is your picture. Short for Gravatar.

    A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things.

    Oh and why is mine not showing, how long does it take to appear. (They said five minutes) *pissed*

  20. Yeah I Said It said

    Miss Behave.. I know what a gravatar is. Just never heard it called a garvie before.

  21. ucanb2 said

    I don’t like Lynn’s ensemble either… everyone else was ok!


    I spoke with the MO staff and they said they will be posting more news first things in the morning…So dont pull your hair out or commit suicide just yet folks!!

  23. I agree completely, its no wonder people just dont get it. In this day and age its imperative.

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