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BabyFace & Family

Posted by Media Outrage on May 7, 2009


BabyFace, daughter Peyton Edmonds and Nicole Patenburg, hit up the LA Art House in West Hollywood yesterday for “Wounded” curated by Carole Bayer Sager.  His daughter is just one ball of cuteness.  Good to see him enjoying life with a loving family.


More Family photos when you



20 Responses to “BabyFace & Family”

  1. Jolie said

    These Negros really have a lot of self hate. I mean, damn every time they have a little money & feel like they’ve made it, they always go for a non black female. They must really think their mamas are truly ugly, offensive and disgusting. I hope they don’t think these females are with them because all of a sudden they woke up one day and found black men desirable. Believe me they are only thinking about your money and the good life. Just like you are with them for their looks, they are with you for your money.

  2. 2thick4u said

    Babyface looks like Tedo Jackson :(!!!

    His baby is cute and adorable. I would hold her and kiss her all day. When I have kids they are going to be so spoiled because I wouldn’t want to put them down :)!!

    Jolie…I feel you but I think it’s more than that. I think they are following their environment and society. Their lost because Black is Beautiful:)!!

    All colors are beautiful!!!

  3. Yeah I Said It said

    Don’t forget you have two children with Tracy also. I’ma need you to be seen with them also and grin your ass off.

  4. w2m said

    Dang Babyface looking old.

    Peyton is soooooo cute!

    @Jolie….*sigh* it is what it is.

    @2thick4u….I agree with your last two statements.

    @YISI….now thats funny, but I agree. Show off the others.

  5. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    Peyton Edmonds gorgeous, very beautiful

    who cares whether babyface’s girlfriend/partner is freakin white, brown, blue, orange, yellow, he looks happy

  6. @ Jolie,

    His wife is mixed. She is like black n’ something but she is a sista. It’s her hair that probably threw you off but I read somewhere she was half black…..but I know what you mean though.

  7. cynthia said

    cute kid

  8. MissTX85 said

    Aw what a little cutie!

  9. @ Jolie…

    Folks need to really realize that pure races don’t exist anymore. Most blacks have white in them and there are so many interracial children now that it’s going to get to the point of everyone being of mixed race. I think this is a good thing. This country is too preoccupied with bullshit racial issues to address real issues in this country. I want Barack to PLEASE do something about homelessness, lack of health care, and lack of support for mental patients first before hoppin on this tired, overdiscussed bullshit issue. We gotta get passed skin color and look at the substance of a person.

    On the real…If he’s truly happy then what does it matter?

  10. Ms. E said

    Cute kids.

    CaramelKiss – I agree with you..I am one of those mixed up folks (as I know everyone on here is too) are right. I don’t know if you watched when the President spoke last week on his 100th day in office. When the reporters asked him about unemployment rate among African American men..he avoided the question. It may seem he is trying to address the other factors that are more relevant…downturn of the economy, the wars in the Middle East, international relationships/alliances with various countries, etc. etc. etc.

  11. Yeah I Said It said

    @ CaramelKiss: Thank you. I am one of those biracial kids. I don’t begrudge his choice of a mate. And you are right the bigger issues facing our sense of security far outweigh the issue of race………

    I’ma still need for his to show his boys

  12. Jolie said

    Exactly, there are more important things in life to worry about then a person’s skin tone & hair type. If you are truly happy with the person and are in love with them, then hooray for you. My thing is don’t get to a certain level and all of a sudden feel that you are above a certain group of people. Going around and publicly stating that you are only attracted to this type and t will only date that type is ignorant and embarrassing. Real love goes beyond the exterior; it’s not about how your kids will come out or how you think you look when you are with that person.

    I don’t know anything about baby face and his wife; I’m just using him as an example.

  13. Atlanta said

    @yeah I said it. Yeap he had a family before Tracey so that nigga got three families…LOl. His daughter is cute.

  14. Smurfette said

    I don’t give damn who he wit. If she white, black, or asian! Im goin to need these men to stop havin kids wit every bitch they meet! Nasty! If a woman got 3 baby daddies, she a hoe or slut, or ghetto. A man do it and he a stud or playa playa! It is stupid! I feel if u have kids wit someone and it don’t work, stop havin kids! Leave it at one baby daddy/momma! Cuz I don’t like to see a mom see her daughter off cuz her dad come to get her for the weekend, and her son in the screen door cryin cuz he can’t go. And momma gotta tell him his dad will come for him next weekend. But he won’t cuz he aint shit. The daughter just happens to have a loving dad and the son dad is a deadbeat. Children don’t deserve that shit.

    *steppin off my soapbox

  15. Atlanta said

    I agree 100% smurfette.

  16. ucanb2 said

    LOL @ Smurfette… but I agree, be there for all your children all the time!!! And keep your promises to them.

  17. mizzsimplicity said

    aint it about damn time he changed his name?? come on now


    I spoke with the MO staff and they said they will be posting more news first things in the morning…So dont pull your hair out or commit suicide just yet folks!!

  19. medlody sung said

    Babyface has a right to date whomever he likes, however he does have some self hate going on. He is a confused man. Most dark skin black men are attracted to their opposite and there is really nothing wrong with that as long as they do not think the person is better because of their lighter skin. I think he does have some issues with that, but he has to deal with those issues within himself. FYI this woman is not his wife yet.

  20. itsurboi said

    This only proves my theory that Slow jams make cute babies… stop F*CK!n to rap

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