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Dance Flick

Posted by Media Outrage on May 15, 2009


Damon Wayans Jr. and Shoshana Bush, were on hand at Planet Hollywood, in NYC to promote their new movie “Dance Flick.”  Damon Wayans is the spitting image of his father.  No denying that one.  How many will check out this flick??

DamonShoshanaBush1Damon Wayans JrDamonShoshanaBush5Shoshana BushDamon Wayans Jr1Shoshana Bush1

More pics when you

DamonShoshanaBush2Damon Wayans Jr2Shoshana Bush2DamonShoshanaBush4DamonShoshanaBush6

13 Responses to “Dance Flick”

  1. MissTX85 said

    I’m gonna catch it just so I can see when he punch the shit outta ole girl and do that knee move on her when she gets in his space! Lmao!!

  2. Random said

    It looks stupidly funny..I’ll probably go see it..

  3. lowridaz said


  4. Lio said

    It’s a Wayans’ brother movie, I will see it tomorrow. Need to kill a few brain cells anyways…

  5. 2thick4u said

    I am loving how they are keeping it in the family :)!!!

    I am definitely supporting this movie :)!!!

  6. Ms. E said

    Oh I thought that dude looked familiar…IDK about wasting $10.50 on this flick!

  7. sweet_tea said

    Cute how they rep the family, I like that. He looks similar to his dad, but in a much finer, i-could-get-it kind of way. Sr. not so much- middle finger & maybe the pepper spray.

  8. MoneAlicia said

    Damon Jr can get it! I’ve been fantasizing about him since I saw him on Def Comedy Jam. He’s hilarious & he’s such a cutie!

  9. beach chick said

    He looks just like his dad!

  10. cynthia said

    i’m looking foward to this one. even though i gave up on the parody movies a looong time ago…

  11. ucanb2 said

    LOL @ Sweet_Tea!!! Maybe the pepper spray! LMAO

  12. Atlanta said

    Yeah MO, that negro looks just like his daddy. I will not spend any money on that movie. I will wait until it comes on HBO, Cinemax or something,

  13. Smurfette said

    I will definately check it out! Love the Wayans!

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