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Mandela Day

Posted by Media Outrage on May 15, 2009

Angela Bassett l

The very beautiful and talented, Angela Bassett, was in full sexy mode yesterday at the Beverly Hills Hotel, for the “Mandela Day” awareness event.  Plenty of familiar faces came out to support and enjoy the festivities.  Jurnee Smollett, Isaiah Washington and wife Jenisa Marie, Quincy Jones (King of the Young Jawns), Alfre Woodard, Morgan Freeman, Viola Davis, Forest and Keisha Whitaker along with their daughter Sonnet.  Just enjoy the pics….

Jurnee Smollett l4runKeisha Whitaker lIsaiahJenisaMarieMorgan Freeman l1Alfre Woodard lViola Davis l

More pics for your perusal when you

QuincyJurneeSmollettKeishaForest lIsaiah Washington lForest Whitaker l1bestAngela Bassett l1Jurnee Smollett l2

Jurnee Smollett l5clapJurnee Smollett l6Keisha Whitaker l1Quincy Jones lMorgan Freeman l2Viola Davis l2


Alfre Woodard l1Viola Davis l4KeishaForest l1Keisha Whitaker l2KeishaForest l2Jurnee Smollett l3close

13 Responses to “Mandela Day”

  1. MissTX85 said

    Angela Bassett is indeed beautiful. She looks the best.

    Everyone else look nice too. But that Keshia Whitaker still needs some fried chicken and mashed potatoes or something.

    Who let Isaiah Washington in though? Thought that nigga was broke! So don’t that make him irrelevant? He should have been embarrassed anyway. No mortgage paying ass!

    Where’s Mandela?!

  2. joneblaze said

    Viola Davis is such a nice piece of chocolate

  3. Ms. E said

    LMAO @ MissTX85!!

  4. Ms. E said

    @ MissTX85 – LOL they forgot to invite Mandela to his own party!!

  5. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    Angela Bassett always looks amazing so does Jurnee Smollett and i like Alfre Woodard metalic gold flat sandals

  6. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    lol @ Ms. E : LOL they forgot to invite Mandela to his own party!!

  7. MissTX85 said

    @ Ms. E-I’m just saying. LOL! How you gone have Mandela Day and no Mandela?! LOL!

  8. beach chick said

    LOL @ Mali Malia!

  9. ucanb2 said

    Angela Bassett does look gorgeous as usual.

  10. Cut Up said

    I will use a whole bottle of baby oil on Viola ass. Black and Shiny!! We could get it in.

  11. Ms. E said

    @ Cut Up – I am feeling your pic!!

  12. Cut Up said

    I am feeling all your pics E. I will be there in July. Make sure I see you.

  13. Smurfette said

    Where u go Cut up?

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