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Look At Taraji

Posted by Media Outrage on May 22, 2009

Taraji a

Taraji P. Henson attended the U.S. Dream Academy’s 8th Annual “Power of a Dream” gala at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in D.C. last night.  Bebe Winans, Chris Tucker and Omarosa were all present for the event.  What do you think of sista-girl’s (Taraji) outfit?? 

Chris Tucker lTarajiBebe1Omarosa kTarajiWentleyPhippsTaraji a1BebeWentleyPhipps

More pics just a click away…

Taraji a2Chris Tucker l1TarajiWentleyPhipps1Omarosa k1Chris Tucker l2TarajiBebe

Chris Tucker l3Chris Tucker l4

11 Responses to “Look At Taraji”

  1. MissTX85 said

    I like it. She looks nice.

  2. LoveMe101 said

    She does looks nice not liking the hair tho!!

  3. joneblaze said

    Omarosa’s big fake bobies

  4. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    the dress is very beautiful on her!!

  5. lowridaz said

    i dont like her hair, but that girl has the prettiest eyes and smile to me, her eyes are very very pretty, who is that in that tacky ass lace top, she is thru

  6. Cut Up said

    umm…Omarosa can get it!

  7. Is Omarosa trying to make a statement of Freeing political prisoners by showing how to free those big ass titties?!?

    ..Cause try are making me want to write my congressman now…

    Taraji of course would get the semen sandwich as always…

  8. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    lol @ semen sandwich!!!

    OH great ONE DT!!! you definitely spoiled my afternoon tea!!! (packing my club sandwich away)

  9. ucanb2 said

    I like the outfit and the hair!! Good Taraji

  10. MoneAlicia said

    She looks nice.

    Omarosa…what’s up with the white tank under the black lace? Tragic.

  11. Atlanta said

    Taraji looks nice. Chris Tucker is getting fat.

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