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The Wayans

Posted by Media Outrage on May 22, 2009


Most of the Wayans family attended the Hollywood premiere of Dance Flick on Wednesday.  It’s great to see Keenan Ivory, Kim, Damon, Shawn and Marlon together at the same venue.  From the minds of these creative people, have flowed some of the funniest movies and skits.  Keenan Ivory Wayans is the one who birthed In Living Color which in turn birthed the careers of Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Lopez, David Alan Grier, Tommy Davidson and Jim Carrey.  We should all pay hommage to such a talented group.  Keke Palmer, Vanessa Simmons, Essence Atkins, David Allen Grier and his wife Christine Y. Kim and Ice Cube were all at the premiere.  Enjoy the pictures….

KeenanIvoryCraigWayansMarlonDamienEssence Atkins2Kim WayansDavidAllenGrierChristineKimShawnShoshanaBush

More pics when you

KimMarlonWayansEssence AtkinsDamon Wayans kDamon Wayans Jr kMarlon Wayans

Keenan IvoryShawn Wayans1Vanessa Simmons kIceCubewifeKeKe PalmerMarlon Wayans1

KeKe Palmer1IceCubefamilyKim Wayans1IceCubefamily1DavidAllenGrierChristineKim1

Kim Wayans2Craig WayansKimDamonWayansJrEssence Atkins2Shawn Wayans2

Vanessa Simmons k2Marlon Wayans2DavidAllenGrierChristineKim3Vanessa Simmons k3

15 Responses to “The Wayans”

  1. lowridaz said

    is that david alan grier’s wife? hmmmm anyhow, ice cube has the cutest face, lol he is a handsome one.

  2. MissTX85 said

    Love the Wayans family! It’s great to see them keep their family close through comedy. They are a very talented and hilarious group.

    Nice pics.

    @ Lowridaz, Ice Cube is indeed the most handsome! I love that man! LOL!!

  3. 2thick4u said

    They bought the family out in full force :)!!!

    It is so beautiful to see the break :)!!!

  4. Ms. E said

    I can’t wait to see this flick.

  5. Kim needs to stop using Dynamite as hair curlers because her shit looks like Al-Quaida was using her scalp as a test experiment….

    …And somebody needs to tell the Wayan’s family about birth control…cause they are re-populating the black race twice over with all them niggas….

  6. LoveMe101 said

    LMAO @ DT….

  7. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ DT

  8. joneblaze said

    Some of them look like half a fags

  9. ucanb2 said

    2nd generation of comedians. Good luck

  10. Yeah I Said it said

    I only like Marlon, and Kim.

    I saw Damon on Jay Leno one night, he stated “Imus was right, he too thought they were nappy head hoes” (the women from the bball team) I lost all respect for him afterward.

    Marlon have always been the two funniest of them all to me

  11. Atlanta said

    Great pictures

  12. Terrance said

    I just seen the movie and it wasn’t as funny as some of their other projects because they censored themselves. Nevertheless, they are talented and funny. They have the ability to make fun of black stereotypes, and at the same time highlight these stigmas so the audience can see how ridiculous they are.

  13. Dont waste your money on Terminator:salvation…

    definitely…. NEGATIVE ASS!!!!

  14. Joyce said

    Man… Everytime i see Damon Wayans jr ALL i can think about is molesting him …lol he is fine as hell !!!!!!

  15. sticcy said

    wow I never knew that the lil angry dude from Malibu’s most wanted was a he too short to be a wayans?

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