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Working That Microphone

Posted by Media Outrage on May 22, 2009

Nicole Scherzinger l

Nicole Scherzinger and the Pussycat Dolls performed in Sydney, Austrailia earlier today.  Nicole was definitely working that microphone something serious.  We’re sure the male population didn’t hear a word she was singing….

Nicole Scherzinger l1Nicole Scherzinger l2Nicole Scherzinger l3Nicole Scherzinger l4

More pics when you

MelodyThorntonNicoleScherzingerNicole Scherzinger l5Nicole Scherzinger l6Pussycat Dolls k

Nicole Scherzinger l7Pussycat Dolls k1Nicole Scherzinger l8

Nicole Scherzinger l9

8 Responses to “Working That Microphone”

  1. lowridaz said

    ahhaha, i dont know why the male population didnt hear what she was singing, wasnt nothing to look at up on that stage, a bunch of sticks w/ make up on. LMAOOOOO

  2. lowridaz said

    corny bitches, LOL

  3. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    she’s hot!!

  4. She may have the talent of a one legged Caribou on crack….

    But that microphone is not the only thing hard and black she could work for me at 1 am….

    And from that photo thats exactly how she would look if I put Dickwell on that talentless grillpiece…

  5. ucanb2 said

    I like Nicole… she’s hot!

  6. MissTX85 said

    MO ya’ll wrong! LOL! Bunch of freaks!

  7. Yeah I Said it said

    Why are they still a group?

  8. Atlanta said

    I feel what you are saying Lowridaz….but, a lot of people like her. They are a corny ass act.

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