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Missy Elliot

Posted by Media Outrage on May 27, 2009


Missy Elliot posed for pics with Cortez during Rowena Husband’s 50th birthday celebration in New York last night.  Former radio personality Egypt was also in the building with her sexy self.  Imagine if Missy was your stylist…..YIKES!  More Missy when you


9 Responses to “Missy Elliot”

  1. lowridaz said

    i always thought missy was a very talented chick, loved her on stage, so much energy, but she looked better thick to me , much cuter. i wonder what happened to that girl she put out, her name was TWEETER or something

  2. joneblaze said

    Is that her man in the red???

  3. Random said

    I have that same bag (Egypt) in both tan and black!

  4. beach chick said

    I think Missy’s gay..sorry!

  5. Atlanta said

    @Beach chick…you really don’t have to think about that. Lesbian is stamped on her forehead. Her outfits are always wack.

  6. crystalshine said

    Is the pic wit the girl that has the swirl hair and black dress Olivia? The one that was wit 50, she looks slim in the face!

  7. ucanb2 said

    Egypt looks nice… No comments on anything else.

  8. MissTX85 said

    Missy’s ass needs to go back into hiding for that ugly shit! What the hell she thinking walking around in public looking like that?!

    Where the hell they find that Olivia chick?! She been MIA for a minute too!

    @ Lowridaz, thick chick’s name was Tweet. Don’t know where the hell she’s at though.

    Egypt looks nice as always.

  9. Atlanta said

    Oh yeah but if you all noticed…once Missy puts an artist on the music tip they NEVER and I mean NEVER release a second album under her. I think Jasmine Sullivan is going to be that way also.

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