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Imagine That

Posted by Media Outrage on June 8, 2009


Eddie Murphy and Yara Shahidi posed for plenty of pictures during the Los Angeles premiere of Imagine That.  The event brought out a lot of familiar faces and ones that we haven’t seen in quite a while, like Arsenio Hall and Nicole Ari Parker.  Salli Richardson, John Singleton and Sherri Shepherd were all in attendance.  How many of you are going to check out the movie??

NicoleAriParkerEddieMurphyArsenio7bestSalli RichardsonNicole Ari Parker kSherri Shepherd lEddieArsenio1

More pics when you

Nicole Ari Parker k5castmembersNicole Ari Parker k4castmembersEddieMurphyYaraShahidi2NicoleAriParkerEddieMurphy1EddieMurphyYaraShahidi

Erica HubbardJohnSingletonDaughterNicole Ari Parker k1Vanessa Williams kYara ShahidiNicole Ari Parker k11best

Salli Richardson1Eddie Murphy d3familyArsenioYaraShahidiNicoleAriParkerNicole Ari Parker k8Nicole Ari Parker k13cameras

Sherri Shepherd l1Nicole Ari Parker k12Salli Richardson3Nicole Ari Parker k3

9 Responses to “Imagine That”

  1. crystalshine said

    The preview looks interesting! May check it out! Arsenio Hall is gettin up in age!

  2. Arsenio Hall is looking old as fuck. Good that a friend would help him….

    ….since he aint had a steady paycheck since Fredrick Douglas had a low-cut fade!!!

  3. MizzMimi said

    Salli Richardson is still a bad bitch after all these years. she came a long way since a Low Down Diry Shame. Wonder how much money Eddie had to dish out for Nicole Ari to take a pic standing that close to him.

  4. ucanb2 said

    LOL @ MizzMimi!!! That’s all he can do is take pics with women!!!
    Anything else is repulsive… Go see the movie (Not)!

  5. sweetthang said

    I quit messing with Eddie Murphy after he dissed his baby with Mel B, he’s ripped for that

  6. MissTX85 said

    Salli & Nicole are beautiful!

    So’s little Yara!

    I might go see the movie with my little cousins.

  7. Kanyade said

    That little girl is precious 🙂

  8. joneblaze said

    Wow a lot of my old crushes here Nicole and Salli but i agree with my lady I cant wait for this to come out so they can stop showing the trailer in theatres!!!

  9. mizzsimplicity said

    hope its a good movie, its about damn time Murphy did something worth doing

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