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These Brothers Can Sing!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on June 8, 2009


First off, we want to shout out loyal reader Erica P. for sending us the clip you’re about to watch.  Erica thanks for holding us down everyday on MO!  The band’s name is CraigLewis, and these brothas can really sing.  Just peep game for yourself.

14 Responses to “These Brothers Can Sing!!!”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    LMAO @ the way they remaking the brady bunch song…… I bet these brothers sit somebodies church chour on fire….. I love it. Now they are american idol

  2. Yeah I Said It said


  3. They got skills. Talented is what these brothers are..

  4. Tia said

    I loved it! They’re very talented!! But the one on the right looks kinda suspect…not that it just sayin.

  5. cynthia said

    wearing too little backpacks is still “in”? or is that nigga on his way to class?

    oh, and yes, they can sing.

  6. Marathon_Man said

    These cats ripped it. Definitely full of talent.

  7. leegill said

    At last! Black men who can sing. Something we don’t hear much on the radio anymore. Maybe that’s why Charlie Wilson, Stevie Wonder and Ginuwine have resurfaced! These guys can make it. Didn’t pay much attention to the dime store video(we understand) but vocally there’s no one out there like them! I hope some of these silly A&R people rush and sign them! BECAUSE HOMEBOYS ARE DEFINITELY NEEDED!

  8. Yasmine T. said

    I love their voices. They could sing to me any and every day of the week!

  9. Ms. Behave said

    These Brothers Can Sing … will listen later.

    but i will tell u that “These Brothers Are Suspect”.

    Scarf around neck, Lip gloss popping and poking ass out, hmm i guess i can see a collob with NEYO in their future.

    ((Screaming)) DEF JAM Baby, YAY.

    GTFOH!!! lol.

  10. Media Outrage said

    Lmao @ Ms. Behave……you never cease to entertain lol

  11. ucanb2 said

    Change those words, that’s Sunday’s Best at it’s BEST!!
    These boys can sing.

  12. MissTX85 said

    I’m rolling cause they singing The Brady Bunch song, but no doubt they asses ripped it!! I’m definitely feeling their voices!

    Like YISI, I bet they do be setting the church choir on fire!

  13. Truly23 said

    They put a lot of these groups that are out now to shame for real!!!

  14. Gay said

    Did they just get done eating fried chicken? ‘Cause those lips are sheeny!

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