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Someone We Rarely See

Posted by Media Outrage on June 9, 2009

Dawn Lewis k1best

Dawn Lewis attended the debut of “Chicago” on Broadway at the Ambassador Theatre in NYC.  She came out to support Chandra Wilson who had the starring role.  We would love to see Dawn on the big screen or on someone’s screen since she hasn’t really had a steady gig since the likes of “A Different World.”  What say you concerning Dawn’s outfit??  More images when you

Dawn Lewis kChandra Wilson k4DawnLewisAnikaNoniRoseDawnLewisAnikaNoniRose1

Chandra Wilson k1Chandra Wilson k2Chandra Wilson k3

8 Responses to “Someone We Rarely See”

  1. joneblaze said

    Havent seen Dawn Lewis since Dreamgirls as Ed’s wife ,and they didnt even give her any lines!!!

  2. yeah, she hasnt worked since Nat king Cole was alive. Hope those residual checks are still coming in.

  3. MissTX85 said

    Outfit’s okay. I mean at least she’s matching.

    Yep haven’t seen her since her ‘none speaking’ part in Dreamgirls.

    Didn’t know Chandra was doing Broadway. Good for her.

    Anika looks nice.

  4. Natasha said

    She’s looks pretty…she’s aging very well as opposed to Jasmine Guy (fellow “A Different World” alum)

  5. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ DT

  6. 2020VIZN said

    I wonder if its the Bill Cosby effect. Just about everyone who worked with him in the late 80’s and early 90’s has been featured on VH1’s “where are they now” or spotted on the back of a milk carton. When I realy I think about this it all makes perfect sense. Bill’s shows were top knotch and when you start at the top, the only direction to go is dowm. The one thing that Im sure of is that she still has some cake or maybe a even a “cake daddy”. When the funds dry up we will know because she will be in a Tyler Perry flick…..fasho

    Good Evening!!

  7. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ 2020

  8. ucanb2 said

    Good seeing Dawn.

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