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Michael Strahan And Nicole Murphy Engaged

Posted by Media Outrage on June 16, 2009


Michael Strahan and girlfriend Nicole Murphy have gotten engaged.

Via People:

For onetime New York Giants star Michael Strahan, May 22 was a big day: He got engaged to Nicole Murphy – and learned that the pilot for his new TV show, Brothers, had been picked up.

“It was a pretty great day,” Strahan’s manager tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Strahan, 37, popped the question to Murphy (the ex-wife of actor Eddie Murphy) on a beach in the Bahamas with a stunning canary yellow and white diamond ring.

“I have a great relationship and she’s a great girl,” says Strahan, who is a father of four. “I don’t like to talk much about my private life, but I’m really happy.”

Murphy, who has five children with her ex, wouldn’t comment about the plans for her future with Strahan. But he says that though they’ve talked about it, “There aren’t any plans for kids… We’ve got nine between us already.”

Last year, Murphy opened up about her romance with Strahan. “When I got divorced, I said never again,” she told PEOPLE in 2008. “[But] Michael and I talk about everything, and we both love to travel, explore and laugh.”

No date has been set for their wedding, according to Strahan’s manager.

In mid-September, FOX will premiere Brothers, a sitcom in which Strahan plays a former NFL star dealing with post-gridiron life. Strahan will co-star with Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, CCH Pounder and Carl Weathers.

Mediaoutrage–  Congrats to the couple!  Now maybe he can leave the tracking devices for FBI officials.

15 Responses to “Michael Strahan And Nicole Murphy Engaged”

  1. Its great that they are together to live a fruitful and prosperous life….

    …Now, when he eats a steak and get all 72 oz. of beef caught in his gap, He can pick her up by the ankles and get that shit out with her whole body……

    ….ahhh, the joys of love…

  2. MissTX85 said

    UGH! That’s one nasty looking couple!

    LMAO @ DT!

  3. lowridaz said

    I am so sorry, but that is one ugly broad to me, she look like a grey hound race dog to me , when i first saw her i thought she was a grey eyed transvestite, YUK she is thru im sorry,

  4. lowridaz said

    LMAOOO @ DT!!!!!!!

  5. mizzsimplicity said

    congrats to them, hope all goes well…

  6. joneblaze said

    He should have dropped her after she cheated,but i guess she’s a champ when they hit the sheets and that prompted him to put a ring on her finger.

  7. Yvonne said

    Congrats to both of them and I hope they have a happy life together, or at least try to.

  8. jolie said

    Too funny DT,

  9. Gay said

    Didn’t he put a tracking device on her car and found out she was cheating? I can’t stand when someone doesn’t have the courage to walkaway from a negative situation.

  10. MoneAlicia said


  11. Smurfette said

    So when they getting divorced?

  12. ucanb2 said

    Micheal.. is waiting with gear in hand! She’s my wife now I can legally track her ass. LOL

  13. Ms. Behave said


    Why don’t u cut the crap
    and stop trying to trap
    to creeping heifer

    Close ur gap
    before i snap
    and then maybe i’ll give u a breather

  14. shender said

    It’s a beautiful thing to be engaged but even more beautiful when its to the Legend Michael Strahan! Oh how I wish it were me but on a more sreious note, I hadn’t realized how talented he was until I heard he was playing in some elite and exclusive sporting Poker Tournament this Fall in the Bahamas! I heard this event is going to be a major hit because not only does it involve Sports Legends but Fans are invited as well! If that’s not MAJOR i don’t know what is!

  15. Anon said

    Didn’t he track her down with some device? WTF? And I am sorry but she is painfully ugy. 😦

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