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Ginuwine: “I Didn’t Want To Live Anymore”

Posted by Media Outrage on June 18, 2009

Ginuwine k4

Ginuwine sat down with Essence and spoke about a very dark period in his life, after both of his parents died.  Ginuwine expresses that he really didn’t want to live anymore and tried to commit suicide several times.

ESSENCE.COM:  On a more serious note, you lost both your parents in 1999 and 2000. How have you been coping?
: After my father shot himself to death and my mother died from cancer less than a year later, I really didn’t want to be here anymore, I didn’t want to live and tried to commit suicide more than once. There was no one around that I really loved at the time, so I turned to the drinking and drugs like weed and ecstasy. I was done mentally and emotionally to the point that I had to go see a psychiatrist, but that didn’t do any good because I wasn’t interested. In fact, the two times I visited him I was high. I was depressed and felt like I had nobody to talk to that could relate to me.

ESSENCE.COM: Wow. What was the turning point for you?
: I had one friend who intervened and begged me to get help. Even though I didn’t continue with my therapy, I went to church and received counseling from my pastor and got straight spiritually. I was able to turn away from all those things that were destroying me and finally think clearly. I had to ask myself whether or not I wanted to go out like my dad and have my kids hurt the way I was hurting. I’ve been clean for about seven years. Now, I keep all that stuff away from me, especially when I’m on the road. 

ESSENCE.COM: Despite your adversity you’ve remained positive and are working with the mentally disabled.
: My wife and I own mentally disabled homes in Kansas City where the mentally disabled board through a program called SPRUCE (Special People Requiring Unique Care Equally). Many people don’t realize that once they turn18 they are often thrown out the house and are homeless. At the home, they are able to learn the basic fundamentals of life, like finding a job, how to take care of themselves, clean their rooms, and other things. My heart always likes to give, and if I’m going to help somebody it might as well be someone who can’t help themselves. 


Mediaoutrage–  It’s good to see he turned a negative into a positive by extending help to others.

15 Responses to “Ginuwine: “I Didn’t Want To Live Anymore””

  1. K-SMOOTH (LBC) said

    Much Respect Ginuwine, much respect.

  2. Tia said

    wowww after all he has been through, he still looks good…God is so good!

  3. Ms. Behave said

    Aint no anti-aging product like PhotoShop.

    I do enjoy his music and very glad that he can produce an anti-beyonce interview.

    “if I’m going to help somebody it might as well be someone who can’t help themselves” *heart* that ♥ Ginuwine

  4. MissTX85 said

    I remember when he talked about losing his parents a while back. I’m so glad he didn’t go out like his dad did and even happier that, mentally, he’s made it through all that. It has to be tough losing your parents back to back like that. So I wish him the best.

    And yes he is still looking good! (Thanks for the eye candy this morning MO!!)

    Also, love what he and his wife are doing for the mentally disabled. That’s a wonderful thing!

  5. Ms. Behave said

    (Thanks for the eye candy this morning MO!!), MO should throw up a DT pic and show this PhotoShop model how to look. 🙂

  6. Go head Ginuwine.
    U still washed up 2 me.

  7. Lio said

    damn.. I don’t want to be in his shoes, I love my parents too much..if anything I want to leave before them, because I really don’t how I will react once they’re gone… can’t imagine it

  8. Yeah I Said It said

    Never take on the burden of those that committed suicide but rejoice in the gift of life you were given. I pray never to become that depressed, I have thoughts of suicide. Glad you went inside to your spirit for peace.

  9. Truly23 said

    It’s wonderful that he’s helping the much less fortunate.

  10. Mariah said

    lupe Fiasco New track “shining down”

  11. ucanb2 said

    Never that bad to give up on LIFE.

  12. MoneAlicia said

    Wow….way to turn it around G.

  13. Cut Up said

    Just got that new G too. Sounds official. Need it?? get at me.

  14. Atlanta said

    Yeah, I like Ginuwine’s music.

  15. Jazzy P said

    That photshopped pic looks lovely..I had no idea..Big ups to Ginufine! Came a long ways.

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