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Toni Childs & Fancy

Posted by Media Outrage on June 18, 2009


Jill Marie Jones and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon were both in West Hollywood last night for the grand opening of the new BOA Steakhouse.  Both ladies looked nice for the event.  Which one would you say is prettier??  Eva LaRue, Jalen Rose and Kim Porter were also spotted at the opening.  More images when you

Jalen Rose kJill Marie Jones mKim PorterEva LaRue kJillMarieJonesGarcelle

Jill Marie Jones m1JillMarieJonesCrisJuddEva LaRue k1

47 Responses to “Toni Childs & Fancy”

  1. MissTX85 said

    Cute pics. Garcelle’s prettier.

    Gotdamn Kim Porter look old and mannish!

    Jalen Rose is still a cutie.

    Where they find Cris Judd ass?!

    Eva LaRue looks like a crackhead with a boob job! What the hell happened?!

  2. Ms. Behave said

    Definately Garcelle, Tony look like a chewbacca with DSL. lol

    De’ basketball team that KIM is building with diddy, is finally taking a toll on her.

    man that girl in the orange dress has long legs, u could plait them and make a rope.

  3. Somebody needs to intervene with Kim Porter and put a ham sandwich in that bony heffa’s mouth!!!….

    cause she looks like a Resident Evil crack zombie!…

    The rest of the females would get a dick burger as usual……

  4. Jolie said

    What’s going on with Kim’s face????

  5. lowridaz said


  6. Yeah I Said It said

    Toni Childs is that a felt hat you are wearing with a summer dress?

  7. Marathon_Man said

    Garcelle is liver but Jill Marie Jones’ lips make me want to get my dick sucked everytime I look at her lol.

  8. ucanb2 said

    Nice pics.

  9. Yea I Said It said

    LOL @ MM…I will be so happy when you find a woman to suck you dry.

  10. Marathon_Man said

    That will never happen. Getting rid of my sperm is like China coming in 7th on the world census report. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

  11. Yea I Said It said

    @ MM I will find her for you. Trust she is out there,if i have to travel the world looking for her. I want this chick to turn you out to the point you can’t walk,talk or type……

  12. Marathon_Man said

    Not gonna happen. I’ve banged more broads than Uncle Luke and still haven’t been turned out.

    I do the turning out. When your penis is 13′ inches easily, chicks cant get enough of the pelvic pounding.

  13. Yea I Said It,

    While your looking for MM try to find me a woman who will drink the DNA protein shake without gagging….

    Its annoying to have a woman gag and she puke’s it back on my leg or clean bedsheets…

  14. Yea I Said It said

    Damn! Just damn

  15. Marathon_Man said

    They leave the crib looking like Nivea Models. They love the SKEET FACE CREME.

  16. Yea I Said It said

    @ DT and MM you both make me want to live inside a church.

    The visualization along has me running down the street screaming…

  17. Marathon_Man said

    the nigga dt is just krass as hell LOL!

    A few nights ago shawtie juggled my balls in her mouth like she worked for Ringling brothers Circus! She was crossing them muthafuckas up and everything lol.

  18. Marathon_Man said

    She took my shits on a fast break! I was like


    after I skeeted.

  19. yeah MM…but if you get skeet sauce on a black woman’s sew in your gonna get swung on like trying to steal a crack pipe from Bobby Brown…..

  20. Yea I Said It said

    @ DT I saw your twitter, How come it shows all the convo with others? Don’t you have to follow you or be a member to see it?.

    MM you need to get twitter, so I can pass it on to some of my friends that are freaks and can keep up with your style of woman.

    DT I believe you may really be a sweet person and giving, so I can’t hook you up with any scandalou women.

  21. Yea I Said It said

    LMAO @…”if you get skeet sauce on a black woman’s sew in your gonna get swung on like trying to steal a crack pipe from Bobby Brown”…..

    Sick Sick “Sick”

  22. Marathon_Man said

    DT true but I’ve made a few sistas the victim of the pina colada

    SOAK DOWN and they just smiled and took it like soldiers.

    Yo foreal, ima keep it real, some women love to be talked to in

    a disgusting vulgar way. Like I look at my women and talk to them

    while they’re sucking the pipe. I call them all types of names

    LOL and they be turned the fuck on and start gettin real nasty

    with it. they be telling me “Marathon please put that shit all

    over my pretty face! ive been a bad girl now smack me in the face

    with the black police baton” I be like DAMN! Well HERE SHE BLOWS!


  23. Yea I Said It said


  24. Marathon_Man said

    I’m at the crib off of work, so i can say this.

    There is this WHITE supervisor at the job who is beggin’ to get

    the SLAVE MASTER FUCKED right out of her and any day now i’m

    going to give her the KUNTA KINTE SMACK DOWN.

  25. Yea I Said It said

    I don’t mind dirty talk,but not that kind MM. It has to be sexy talk not vulgar to the point I want to choke you and throw a match on you

  26. Yea I Said It said

    UMMMM MM. I’ma need you to leave your co-workers along. It was not a happy ending when you vacated the last job…. DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT SHIT WHERE YOU EAT…MM

  27. Marathon_Man said

    This blonde trollip be talking crazy to me during lunch. At first I thought it was a set-up till she gave me the digits. She be texting me all crazy. The wild thing is she has a fucking man who works there! LOL LOL this is de ja vu. Lmao. I can see though, she want them tonsils knocked out her damn throat.

  28. Marathon_Man said

    I feel you YISI. I might not. She kinda bad though. But i might just leave her alone.

  29. MM…dont do it…it was funny as hell the last time…but lawsuits and sexual harassment charges are not to be fucked with.

  30. Yea I Said It said

    You said might! That’s not a good sign. MM you know when you were young and saw candy your mother said you could not have. Pretend this is that time and take a pass.

  31. Yea I Said It said

    Thank you DT! Tell him cause i got a feeling MM is hard-headed as hell

  32. Then again, if you do it off time it wont matter….Just dont blow up and try to embarrass her….

  33. Yea I Said It said

    * tappin my feet at DT* And here i thought you were the shit!

  34. Ms. Behave said

    “hard-headed”, u got that right, boy ain’t listening to u. He is going to f#%k that white girl, he can’t help it.

    Man, ur a black man living in a white man’s world and u literally want to f#%k with their kind. Since she ur Sup., this will afect ur work directly. If ur ‘pipe’ is as impressive as u say, other are going to hear and want, best beleive YT will be jealous.

    Hate to break it to u, but don’t matter how good u are at your job, who u think thay gonna let go 1st.

    don’t put more in ur basket than u can carry, Cow never knows the use of his tail until it cut off. Don’t do it boy, there a more pu#%y (and better) out in the world.

    That’s my advice tek it or leave it.

  35. My thing is to not fuck the co worker, but try to use sex to climb to the top. I mean, if I was still in corporate I’d fuck female bosses and wouldnt care….

    Shit, Im knocking out 2 birds with one stone…

  36. Marathon_Man said

    Nah I probably won’t do it ya’ll. She bad though DT! Got ass like Trina lol and they not implants. Tits are perfect. Face is beautiful. But she sent me a text last night asking me If I;ve ever fucked someone else’s girlfrien? Or if I’d had a 3some with 2 girls? I told her nah but it sure as hell wouldn’t be with 2 dudes!!!! Thats the epitome of GAY! LOL.

    All she talks about is blowing pipe and then sends the LOL as if she was just joking. Man she want a nigga to BEAST FUCK THAT ASS LIKE A THUNDERCATS PORNO!

    DT should I do that shit or what?

  37. Lai'Lani said

    MM you are really funny and seem like a nice guy and I think everyone enjoys your sense of humor, but if you do what you;re talking about then you are not very smart. Just my 2 cents. You can have other women so why mess up your job over a woman?

  38. This is what you do….

    Draw up a contract stating that no sexual harrassment charges or no word of this would get out…”Confidentially Agreement”…basically stating whatever happens out the office happens…

    Cause with all those assets above I would have to swing the Mahogany lovestick like A-Rod going for number 600!!

  39. Mrs. Barbie Lewis-Breezy *aka* PSB said

    why is Toni child’s make-up always two shades lighter than he actual skin complexion??? That SO annoys me when I see women doing that.

  40. Yeah I Said It said

    DT I went to your twitter when I joined it made me your follower. I don’t know how to take it off. but I also don’t know how to find the people I want to follow like Shemar Moore… among others please help me out tell me what do i do? i am your newest member.

  41. Lai'Lani said

    No! DT! don’t encourage this brother to lose his job. Men think with their love tools %90 of the time. MM dont do it. Not a good choice.

  42. Ms. Behave said

    ” ass like Trina ” — It must be this one

    I have yet to see a white girl with a genuine ass.

    The fact that ur a calling it ASS nad not her ‘back’–>implants, buttpadds.

    But seriously, the fact that she is asking u if u have ever done someonelse’s girl, should tell u she has no ‘scruples’ and will betray u too. I’m assuming the fact that u manage to tell such ‘pulsating’ jokes, that u aleast know how to use ur head (the one up top). Be smart yute’, this chick might leave u with something that u can’t get rid of, since she seems to love to ‘share’.

    If u can’t be good be careful, remember if u make ur bed be prepared to lie in it.

  43. @MM I trust you will leave it as a though and nothing else.

  44. 1coolazzchic said

    kim porter has always looked funny to me, but that bitch had the ultimate come up. she had a baby wit puffy, had him taking care of her first son, and then broke up, got back wit him, and lucked up wit twins. she’s set.

  45. MoneAlicia said

    Jill Marie Jones is STUNNING!!! So is Garcelle!

    Eva LaRue looks a lil…um…orange for me. That lady that is with her needs to burn that outfit. Holy hideous!

  46. MoneAlicia said

    P.S…Kim Porter has ALWAYS looked old and mannish and don’t you ever forget that!

  47. joneblaze said

    Eva LaRue has an amazing body,who dug up Cris Judds gay ass??

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