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Golden Brooks Is Pregnant

Posted by Media Outrage on June 23, 2009


Actress Golden Brooks is pregnant by boyfriend/actor D.B. Woodside who plays on Jada Pinkett’s Hawthorne.  Congrats to the couple!

14 Responses to “Golden Brooks Is Pregnant”

  1. Random said

    Didn’t you guys post a pic of her not too long ago with some white guy walking hand in hand?

  2. Media Outrage said

    Lol yep we sure did. He’s not the father though lol.

  3. Random said

    AH!! I see the lil tramp gets around!!

  4. ucanb2 said

    I hate that she had all that unneeded Jacked-Up plastic surgery. Well congratulations.

  5. crystalshine said

    Aww Hell NOO M.O. Yall could’ve gotten a better pic of her. Her wig is split in different pieces, there no need 4 her to try and use that weave again. Oh yea Congrats 2 her.

  6. MissTX85 said

    I hope her bony ass gains a lot of baby weight.


  7. Yea I Said It said

    Good for her.

  8. Ms. E said


  9. Atlanta said

    Damn, a baby…Aint she bout 50 years old?

  10. MaliaMalia STILL LOVE'S MO said

    lol @ above comments lol

  11. 1coolazzchic said

    crystalshine that’s prob the best pic they could find. and hell i was doubting she was a woman

  12. joneblaze said

    At least her breasts will get bigger and she may even develop a booty

  13. MizzMimi said

    I’m sorry i hope the pregnancy does something for her mojo cuz she is always looking like a hot stankin a$$ mess

  14. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ Mizzmimi

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