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Perez Hilton Catching An Eye Jammie!

Posted by Media Outrage on June 23, 2009


By now you already know that Perez Hilton got stole on something nice this past weekend.  He claims that it was Black Eye’d Pees manager, Polo Molina who did turn himself into the PoPo this morning.  Will i am says that he didn’t order any violence towards Hilton.  The pic above was taken from  One of their readers sent them in the snapshot.  For those who haven’t seen the video of Perez crying like a nucca watching his pop get put in the ground


14 Responses to “Perez Hilton Catching An Eye Jammie!”

  1. ucanb2 said


  2. ALLISWELL5 said

    Every person must be held accountable for what comes out of their mouth!!

    All bark and no bite!!….I’ve seen numerous people catch a two-piece for that very reason.

    Watch your mouth!….lol

  3. Media Outrage said


  4. MissTX85 said

    Well when hoes step out of line, they get they ass checked!

    He’s a hoe so goody for him!

  5. Lio said

    HA ! did you know that this mothafucka text somebody, CALL 911, he text someone to call 911 !!! how fucking dumb is that !!!

  6. Random said

    lol what a b*tch!

  7. MissTX85 said

    @ Lio, maybe he didn’t know the number! LMAO!!

  8. Truly23 said

    Now Will.I.AM is going to knock his azz..lmao@ dude mocking Perez…

  9. This is a cover up…

    He was trying to get dude’s number, found out the manager didnt eat Tube steak, and got knocked in his shit.

  10. Ms. E said

    They should of hit him in the other eye..he badly needs a makeover!

  11. Tori said

    this just goes to show you white people rule the world. Why is this fag popular?!?! this shyt made CNN.

  12. K-SMOOTH (LBC) said

    all you see in that pic is fist and a punk-ass face…i’m sure the skittle bag had it comin’

  13. idaho beef said

    perez hilton is what’s wrong with bloggers today: no honesty.

    (just kidding!)

  14. r said

    Très probablement les Cavaliers de Cleveland aura le dernier rire et terminer avec plus de victoires, mais pour l’instant, la chaleur sont la meilleure équipe.

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