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Kobe & Vanessa Enjoy Six Flags

Posted by Media Outrage on June 29, 2009

KobeVanessa l

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant enjoyed riding Tatsu yesterday when they visited Six Flags in Valencia, CA.  Nothing like winning an NBA Championship and then indulging in a really fun summer vacation.  Kobe’s homie and NBA baller, Corey Maggette and his wife Milli accompanied the couple for a day of fun.  More pics when you

KobeVanessaCoreyMilliKobe lKobeCoreyMaggette

KobeVanessa l1CoreyMilliMaggetteKobeCoreyMaggette1

21 Responses to “Kobe & Vanessa Enjoy Six Flags”

  1. Who cares post up the Joe Jackson press conference…..

    Al Sharpton’s hair look like it was 5 seconds away from catching on fire…

  2. cherishb86 said

    guess that four million dollar ring he gave her isn’t something she wants to flaunt I personally dislike him as a person but a good ball player

  3. K-SMOOTH (LBC) said

    C.mon now Cherishb86 lay off Kobe…he made a mistake that is often made throughout society. He stayed true to his marital commitment and worked through it, that should be applauded. You know the bible verse “He who is without sin cast the first stone”…..yeah ok so please but the hate rocks down love…..we do agree that he is the best good lokkin’ out on that.

  4. MissTX85 said

    Who gives a shit! This ain’t nothing relevant! I go to Six Flags all the time.

    I guess I’m a hater too cause I was thinking the same thing as Cherishb86. Except I don’t even think he’s a good ball player. Especially not the best. Once again, why is a person a hater when they have an opinion?

  5. Yeah I Said It said

    LMAO @ DT. I don’t care if deer boy and witch face go to the ends of the earth. I just want them to go and fade to black while they at it. Too bad they did not ride a ride that would have twirl them right on out the park into a sewer.

  6. K-SMOOTH (LBC) said

    negative opinions are fueled by hate or a strong dislike…therefore in that particular moment in time you are a hater…i’m not saying you, yourself are a hater but the words that come out of your mouth are consistent with something a real hater would say thats all.

  7. Marathon_Man said

    Anyone who says Kobe bryant is not the best ball player on the planet right now clearly DOES NOT KNOW BASKETBALL.

  8. Marathon_Man said

    I hated his guts a few years back. Seriously I was a strong Kobe Hater cause A.I. was my man. But after seeing this guy ball for the past few years, I can’t even front dropped the glass Haterade bottle in the store like Ol Dawg in Menace and realized dude is the best ball player on the Planet. His personality is corny as shit but his skills on the court? UNTOUCHABLE

  9. MissTX85 said

    @ K-SMOOTH, why not say a DISLIKER then? LOL! Nah, I’m bsing. I just don’t like the word hate period. That’s all. But I feel ya though.

    And Marathon…nah I’m not gone say anything cause I like you.

  10. Yeah I Said It said

    I can not stand Kobe. My mother once said hate is a strong emotion and so final. So he makes me so sick I spit when i see him. I also know Kobe is NOT THE BEST BALL PLAYER ON THE PLANET PAST TENSE,PRESENT TENSE,OR FUTURE. MM that should cover it all……… yep call me a hater to the 10th power cause I am where he is concerned.

  11. Marathon_Man said

    MissTX forgive me doll, I wasn’t trying to come hard at you but I hear people around my way that dislike the dude say he isn’t the best and I say the same thing to them. It’s like watching Jordan when He was on top and refusing to say he was the best, I have to wonder how one can claim to know ANYTHING about the game. Like besides Lebron (who is clearly not better or as good as KB) who would you say is better than Kobe? Honestly.

  12. MissTX85 said

    Lebron ain’t even good.

    And in all honesty Marathon, NONE of the current b-ball players are good to me. Seriously none of them playing now have any type of distinct skills that appeal to me. Iverson WAS the BEST to me but even he’s fell off. But maybe I feel the way I feel because I don’t just really care for basketball. I follow it but I’ve ALWAYS viewed that as a girl sport for some reason.

    So you may have me there cause CURRENTLY none of them can play. So I can’t name anybody at all.

  13. MissTX85 said

    Btw Marathon, here’s a link my cuz sent me that he found funny and really interesting.

  14. Lacy said

    Cruilla Devill game proper ..

  15. lowridaz said

    LMAOOOO @ post # 1, from DT

  16. lowridaz said

    Still over here LMAOOOOO @ …….. Al Sharpton’s hair look like it was 5 seconds away from catching on fire…

  17. MoneAlicia said

    I feel like Kobe & Vanessa are campaigning to make us all believe their happy. Overkill. What’s next??? Kobe & Vanessa do Kroger? Kobe & Vanessa do QuikTrip? Seriously!

  18. ucanb2 said

    LOL @ YISI… I knew I was your older sister separated @ birth.
    Who cares about Count Chocula and Kobe!!

  19. […] Conchita, Corey Maggette and Wife At Six Flags Kobe & Vanessa Enjoy Six Flags Media Outrage __________________ Peek-A-Boo…I seeeeeeee […]

  20. KayJay said

    Well anyone with any sense wouldn’t post this because pregnant people are not supposed to ride the rides at the amusement parks (they post warning signs everywhere). I don’t caare for his wife, but I doubt it if she would be that dumb. And I am so sick of people thinking that pregnancy is always the reason for weight gain. What if it is simply good eating?? Like…WTF!!

  21. Molly said

    Anybody who is here talking shit about The Mamba obviously is jealous of him or does care!!!!! Because if u wouldn’t care u wouldn’t take the time or the day to post anything about him!!!!!And the ones who are judging him and what he does with his life need to stfu already!!!!!!Go do something productive with your life,instead of being here talking smack on people u don’t even know aside of what media says!!!!!And yes this guy is one of the most amazing players hands down!!!!!

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