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Beyonce Does Houston

Posted by Media Outrage on July 5, 2009

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Beyonce took her hip-wiggling show to the Toyota Center yesterday in Houston.  Bey rocked the show on the Nation’s birthday.  2 years ago Beyonce earned $50 million alone just from her world tour.  She’s sure to break that mark with this one.  Anyone who’s checked out one of her concerts, says that she’s well worth the high priced ticket stub.  More Bey when you

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11 Responses to “Beyonce Does Houston”

  1. If she performed her first album I’d understand, but this album was the square root of ASS! She would have to pay me to see her in concert.

  2. Yeah I Said It said

    I don’t want to see old girl in this tired costume. I do not like this CD. Bey you know you my girl,but you should have taken me alone for the costume decisions.

  3. Marathon_Man said

    Dressed like this, she could sing the theme song to “MASH” and I would still break off $100 bills to see her shake that ass all over stage. Sheit I might take my vaseline with me lol.

  4. joneblaze said

    Love when she pushes those boobs up im drooling

  5. Tia said

    lol @ MM

    I lOOOOOve Beyonce…everything she touches turns to gold…she the hottest female in the game …PERIOD.

  6. Kanyade said

    A good friend of mine whose an old school R&B-head, LOVES Beyonce. I was a bit perplexed by this when she told me…I thought maybe she had fever. I mean, C is like straight up old school Frankie Beverly & Maze all that just old school music……but she lurves Bey? 😆

    I’ve seen her perform…on tv and it will most likely remain that way. If I shell out that much money for tickets it’s gonna be for Prince or Lenny Kravitz someone I adore. But kudos to Beyonce and the Knowles Empire for bleeding folks paychecks dry…oh and for giving a great show at the same time. 😆

    On a side note, I bet she gets tired of putting on/taking off makeup every day. That’s got to be some serious wear and tear on her skin. I like her ‘heels’ 🙂

  7. lowridaz said

    i just never been a fan of her, even in destiny child, never to me she just thought she was better than the other two, i could be wrong, i just never cared for her, that shit she has on up there in that pic is hideous, that makeup is whack, makes her look tired and old, whatever floats her boat, i dont buy her music nor do i listen to her, i will never spend a penny on any concert tickets

  8. mizzsimplicity said

    same here lowridaz

  9. Marie said

    Looks like new boobs to me.

  10. Ms. E said

    I agree the makeup makes her look tired and old!! Loved her FIRST solo cd..the rest is garbage to me!

    No, I think Bey got on a wonder bra or something to lift up her chest.

  11. ucanb2 said

    There were some EXCITED folks here in Houston… I have heard she put’s on a good performance!

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