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Fellas How Hot Is Katie Price???

Posted by Media Outrage on July 5, 2009

Katie Price1

Katie Price is over in England for the Duke of Essex Polo Trophy.  Fellas, how many of you think she is hot?  If she was a regular chick from around the way would you holla??  More images to help you decide when you

Katie PriceKatie Price4Katie Price3Katie Price2

14 Responses to “Fellas How Hot Is Katie Price???”

  1. Yeah I Said It said


  2. She is cool….I’d give her a pelvic pounding something fierce but I wouldnt sport her she has a plastic surgeon feel to her….

    ..But nonetheless I’d serve her some tube steak with the DNA gravy.

  3. MissTX85 said

    Who the hell is she?! And damn she’s skinny as hell!

  4. Marathon_Man said

    I’m not really into skinny women but she could still get the wedding cake icing sprayed all over her grill and those big ass titties.

  5. lio said

    I would holla for sure …but who is she ?

  6. cynthia said

    eww @ her knees

  7. leegill said

    Legs look like flag poles. What homegirl needs to do is put on some slacks and eat a few more mega-burgers. I only have one thing to say.
    ” Only a mother’s heart can be, patient enough for such as she.”
    ……………….Who the hell is she anyway?

  8. Kanyade said

    Her skin looks like leather…………

    Go ‘head fellas…have at it. 😦

  9. Cut Up said

    She is as hot as December 25th in the North Pole!!

  10. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    lol @ all comments!!

    she is a former british glamour model-page 3 girl!!

    she is awfully skinning!! but she’s seems like a cool chick

  11. kahmmillion said

    Why her face and body so strong…, uum, manly?

  12. Ms. E said

    Who in the hell is this?

  13. Random said

    nice hair..that’s about it..another talentless bimbo…

  14. ucanb2 said

    Thanks MaliaMalia for the info.

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