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Whitney At The Airport

Posted by Media Outrage on July 5, 2009

whitney houston lax 030709

Whitney Houston was spotted arriving at LAX airport with daughter Bobbi Kristina.  Whitney is on the comeback trail and is scheduled to release an album in September.  How many of you are going to support this project??  More Whitney and a new song when you

whitney houston lax 030709whitney houston lax 030709whitney houston lax 030709whitney houston lax 030709whitney houston lax 030709whitney houston lax 030709


14 Responses to “Whitney At The Airport”

  1. MissTX85 said

    Voice doesn’t sound as strong as before. She doesn’t sound too bad though.

  2. Yvonne said

    If the album is good I will support it, if not, I won’t.

  3. ill be sure to illegally download a copy myself.

  4. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ dt

  5. sumarrain said

    Whitney why is your face alway looking so greasy and sweating? Voice is not as good, but I hope the album sells I’m still a fan of her music.

  6. Yeah I Said It said

    With the damage she did to her voice it will take a while for it to come back to full range. I am a fan myself and will wait on Ms. Houston to return to the powerhouse status her voice deserves. Until then I will only limewire her music.

  7. leegill said

    It’s good she’s comin back,I’ve always been a great fan. But……………..on this cut the fire is gone, the vocal dynamics have been quashed. She almost seems afraid to soar into the higher registers she’s so famous for. If this is an example of the best she has to offer than she needs to retire and think about her past great performances.

  8. Lowridaz said

    wow, well the main and most important thing is she pulled herself out of the fire, she got herself together, im happy for her on that!! god bless u whitney, you got rid of the trash, tis always a good thing!

  9. Kanyade said

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t vocals ‘wane’ over time anyway? Aside from the damage the crack pipe has done, wouldn’t her vocals have changed regardless? Maybe not as drastic but still… I think of Mariah Carey; and that bish don’t hit notes like she used to 😦 and I don’t ‘think’ there’s been crack rock or cigs involved……

  10. Ms d said

    Great Song,
    Test and Trails, we all endure them, only the strong survive. It’s amazing, so much negativity.
    Let’s stop tearing down, and start building each other up. No one’s perfect!

  11. crystalshine said

    She’s looks better now that she don’t Bobby the addict next 2 her. I support her music.

  12. ucanb2 said

    If she has her life back together…she can do it!! I wish her well.

  13. I feel the song is inspirational considering ALL she has been through in recent years. She can still sing. Her voice will never be like it was in The Bodyguard days. We all gave Mary J a chance when she was screaming through her songs during her drugging days. BACK to the song, Whitney is telling a story, a very painful story, maybe that’s how the producer wanted the song to come across,another thing is, this is only a rough mix of the song, it is not a completed song! Whitney has a faith in God that doesn’t even compare to most. She sings of it in this song! I am sure God is listening to her prayers and He will come through for her and show the world what a gem she is to HIM! As a singer, the voice changes. She’s almost 45 years old. Her voice has changed but hse still has the range but not ready to go there. Her live performance of this song will be more powerful!Thank God for this song and Whitney Houston!

  14. Gay said

    Whitney Houston. Do we need to say more. Her album will be a success.

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