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Who’s The Prettiest???

Posted by Media Outrage on July 7, 2009


Sanaa Lathan, Lisa Raye and Gabrielle Union were down in New Orleans a few days ago for day 2 of the Essence Music Festival.  All three of these ladies are beautiful to look upon, but, which one would you say is the prettiest??  It’s good to see black actresses bonding together and forming friendships.  More images when you

SanaaGabrielle1RaphaelSaadiqCliftonPowellRalphCarterBernNadetteStanisLisa Raye w3

Idris Elba oAngelaBurtMurrayBernNadetteStanisJanelleSnowdenAngelaBurtMurraySanaaGabrielleDWadeAlonzoMourningBernNadetteStanis1best


37 Responses to “Who’s The Prettiest???”

  1. kahmmillion said

    Lisa Raye

  2. ALLISWELL5 said

    Difficult choice….all 3 women are Beautiful to me in there own way.

    3 different flavors: French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, & Chocolate Deluxe…they can all get scooped in the my Ice Cream truck!!


  3. ALLISWELL5 said

    Oh, I forgot one…Omarosa’s fiesty ass can get it too!

  4. Tia said

    they’re all pretty!

  5. Media Outrage said


  6. Marathon_Man said

    Sanaa and Lisa Raye. Gabby is fly too but I would take the other two first.

    1. Sanaa
    2. Lisa Raye

    Who I’d like to hit first?

    LISA RAYE!!!!

    • Gina said

      All 3 are pretty but I would say Gabrielle is the prettiest. Lisa has the best body and Saana seems very intelligent and classy.

  7. Yasmine T. said

    All 3 are very pretty.

  8. Udamnright said

    Give me Sanaa Lathan all day. Lisa Ray and Gabrielle are right behind her. Lisa Raye would get the “footlong” on steroids.

  9. Hovy's Home said

    Lisa Raye but all of them are beauty queens.

  10. Ms. Behave said

    Sorry, but Lisa Raye’s head has always look like a coconut with a wig to me. 😦

    Even more pitiful, that she has the premiere bite her like that. *ROFLMAO!!!*

    “Diamond you lose”

  11. Random said

    Gabrielle is the prettiest *now*..but Lisa overall in (her prime) and she’s also got the best bod as well…Sanaa shouldn’t even be up there…she needs to ditch those shoes PRONTO…this is the 3rd time I see her recycling them…Meagan Good Much?

  12. Sumarrain said

    They’re all pretty women, who should be working on positive TV shows or movies, but Hollywood is against employing beautiful African American Women unless they are portraying them in some negative stereo type role.

  13. Ms. Behave said

    LisaRaye still wouldn’t get any roles even if speilberg was her daddy, girl can’t act. Even in ‘all of us’ it was like she was fighting with her script, especially when she was trying to be funny. Too forced.

    All she has is body, which is the main reason she gets roles -hence he biggest movie yet “player’s club’.

  14. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ Ms. Behave

  15. Random said

    Maybe if they weren’t popping up at every pointless event and actually auditioning for roles they would find something…

  16. Since I love the chocolate- gabrielle union- they are all beautiful sisters.

  17. Marathon_Man said

    I respect Sanaa’s acting ability to the fullest. She’s a talented actress. Gabrielle has been type cast. She plays the same roles over and over kind of. Lisa Raye, I could care 2 cents about her acting ability, i just love looking at the sista.

  18. lowridaz said

    LISA RAYE, my girl, the others are pretty, but lisa is gorgeous to me, im a huge fan

  19. Its so hard to pick. Gabby is a damn fine actress. Saana is a fine actress. Lisa raye is just fine….

    It’s hard to pick who you would serve the dick to but I guess I’d have to say all 3.

    All 3 would get served more balls to the face than Pete Sampras at Wimbledon.

  20. Mighty Mouth said

    Give me any one of those three, and I’ll be a satisfied man.

    Gabrielle is sophisticated, intelligent, and beautiful.

    Lisa Raye is just straight sexy

    Sanaa Lathan has that “girl next door” look…She’s the kind of woman you bring home to momma…lol

  21. Rizz said

    Sanaa HANDS DOWN

  22. Yvonne said

    They are all pretty in their own way.

  23. lowridaz said

    dam michael is fucked up in that pic up there, he look bad, look like he drink, smoke crack and some more shit, damn!

  24. Atlanta said

    Lisa Raye.

  25. Lisa said


  26. MissTX85 said

    All of them are pretty. But I think Sanaa’s prettier.

    And why BernNadette look better on that poster pic than she do in these other ones?!

    See Al Reynolds ain’t missing Star Jones’ crackhead looking ass!

    Whew! Lawd Idris is sexy!! LOL!

  27. Kanyade said

    All three are GAWGEOUS and do NOT age. 🙂

  28. Ambassador said

    None. Because I need a combination of the three.. I need Gabrielle’s face, Lisa’s body, and Sanaa’s personality! 😀

  29. MoneAlicia said

    MONE~ALICIA IS!!!!!!

    How dare you ask, MO? Ha…

  30. Which ever one I have in my avi….her…she’s cute….other than that they look the same…

  31. MaliaMalia is still happily in LOVE WITH SWEET MO!!!!! said

    definitely Gabrielle!!!!!

  32. 2020VIZN said

    MO, does it again……Three actresses????????? I see two actresses and a jillted Jump off. I think its a shame when you are an “”””actress”””” and Beyonce Knowles had more movie roles in a year than you have in a career.

    Sanna Lathan has it going on to me. But I been wanting to smash Gabby Union since I seen her play Mudddy Waters wife in Caddilac Records, Its something wierd about that….but its real. Stop shaking yalls head at me

  33. Media Outrage said

    LMAO @ 2020

    Funny Mone Alicia

    Love the Name MaliaMalia!

  34. ucanb2 said

    ME…oh my bad you are talking about these 2…Lisa Raye

  35. Sexy nubian said

    I love LRaye but im going to go with Sanaa.

  36. Aniyaqt said


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