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Man Down!!! Man Down!!! Gay As Hell Alert!

Posted by Media Outrage on July 9, 2009


Actor Terrell Carter who has starred in Tyler Perry’s Class Reunion and Meet The Browns is being put on full BLAST by his ex-very-gay-as-hell-lover.  These pics hit the net after the spanish dude on the left-side of the bed lol, released them on Twitter.  We have no idea how these two nuccas wound up on the top of Broke Back,but this is obviously a break up gone very wrong!  Man Down!!!  One more very gay pic when you


29 Responses to “Man Down!!! Man Down!!! Gay As Hell Alert!”

  1. his career is shot like swiss cheese.

    But why is this such a surprise. Tyler Perry is doing good by hiring people from his own community anyway.

    We all know that TP productions stands for “Taking Penis” so why is this any shocker?!?!

  2. Media Outrage said

    LMAO! @ DT. (you’re on your way son….to HELL that is lol)

  3. MissTX85 said

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! OMG! I did not see that one coming!

    Damn! It’s always the sexy ones!


  4. Ms. Behave said

    99% of the people that are in Tyler Perry’s movies are gay, the other 1% are

    Anyone with a Tyler Perry movie in their history is suspect.

    MO, change the title to ‘MAN UP’, cause that boy needs some pussy, plus u can tell dat spanish boy his fking him in his sleep.

  5. Tori said

    I’m sorry but that shyt is wrong on so many levels.

    Black men ya’ll need to get ya’ll shyt together.

    First McNair cheating on his wife with some ugly non-black chick.

    Now Terrell butt-fucking some dude who ain’t black.


  6. ALLISWELL5 said

    MAN DOWN!!!……LMAO @ MO & DT



  7. Now I understand how the sistas get mad at the brothas for dating white women, But, when youre packing the Fudge, or eating on some TUBE steak, I think it does not matter what color you are.

    The act alone is wrong on so many levels.

  8. Marathon_Man said

    Yo there’s no excuse for this shit. Yea Tori, even if it was two brotha’s dark as Wesley Snipes after a tan, that shit would be WRONG! Both ya’ll niggas get to an alter quick.

  9. Jolie said

    DT your comments always make my day.
    @Ms Behave…
    You sure that’s what he’s doing??? I don’t know he looks so peaceful; going that route seems so painful. I think he would have been screaming his lungs out. HOW ARE THEY ABLE TO TAKE THAT KIND OF PAIN???????
    My thing is if you are gay, be gay and don’t come to me and act as if you like women. I don’t understand it, but at the same time it’s not my place to judge. Don’t try to act as if you are a straight man and then go around sleeping with other men when you know you have a girlfriend/wife. That crap is disgusting. You are nothing but a freaking selfish faggot who does not care about anyone else but you. I am sick of hearing these stories of women contracting AIDS from their boyfriend who they thought was straight.

  10. Ms. Behave said

    @Jolie, u answered ur own question, After all that FCKING- PAIN, literally, he must take some rest, that’s why he looks so ‘peaceful’. lol

    I too hate that “deception’- it’s either ur in or out of the closet.

    I heard that Tyler Perry was slated to produce ‘Broke-Back Mountain 2”, that’s why he has soooo many DL Brother’s in his castings. Whomever fcks the best on screen gets the leading role. hahaha

  11. Lio said

    this is probably a prank….

  12. Yeah I Said It said

    I can’t say TP has only gay ensemble of men in his movies. I don’t know anything about them personally . Besides it would not be fair to a lot of men that are not. like:

    Malik Yoba, Richard T. Jones, Michael Jai White,Lamman Rucker, Steve Harris,Shemar Moore. Don’t put your business in the street when it’s over, just walk it off. Otherwise you look a fool yourself.

  13. 2020VIZN said

    Yeah YISI, sounds like a gay list to me. You could tell he was gay, he played the Diva Dude too damn good. He acted just like a BITCH when he played that doctor. Keep ya eyes on them dudes thats always trying to be pretty and sexy. Men dont do pretty and sexy, And ladies, yall can listen to me now, but you will believe me later on ANY DUDE TAKING BUTT NAKED PICTURES WHILE POSING IS A MUAHFUGGIN HOMANERSEXUAL!!!!!! Yall dont have to like what I said, but hey the truth hurts.

  14. Truly23 said

    lol@ 2020- I believe that. I was playing with my hubby told him I was going
    to shave his legs. You talking about someone flipping!!! lol I was like dayum
    ease up on your words I was just playing. He’s not having any of that about
    anyone shaving anything on him. He swears that if a man shave his legs he’s gay.

  15. MoneAlicia said

    WOOOOW! But at least he got out alive, unlike Mr. McNair. That’s fkd up!

  16. rafiq14 said

    Dat’s phucked up but you sista’s are gonna learn sexy and handsomes is two different shytses.Your Boris Kojo’s Shamar Moores somebody said Malik Yoba damn will the real BLACKMEN in HOLLYWOOD please stand up.And I’m not talking about rappers turned actors.I’m talking about some of these other noggahs we’ve been watching.Punkazznoggahs we been watching,punkazznoggahs you sista’s been screaming and dreaming about.Maaannn Saay Whaaattttttttt.

  17. ginger said

    Oh shyt!!Batty boy! ((LOL))

  18. Yeah I Said It said

    The men i named in post #12 are men I DO NOT BELIEVE ARE GAY!!!!!!! Them being in TP movies does not mean they are gay.

  19. Maliamalia is still happily in LOVE with MO said

    LOL @ Man Down!!! Man Down!!! Gay As Hell Alert!!!!

  20. Ms. E said

    Ehh..I just threw up my breakfast looking at these pics 😦

  21. Gay said

    Ignorance will always keep up fifteen miles back. While we promote hate (as black people) and then ask for understanding at the same time.

    • Nina said

      STFU. Homosexuality should never be accepted. It’s wrong on ever level. A man sucking a man’s penis, or plugging his fudge hole is DISGUSTING!!! Being black is not a SIN or immoral or defies the laws of nature but homosexuality is and does.

  22. ucanb2 said

    Damn that’s wrong on so many levels… not even concerned with the racial context…
    but to put the man’s business on blast like that!

  23. Nubian said

    OMG for the dude, however the people that Tyler Perry cast are not all gay and DT be careful what you say about people because of a look because people can come at you and say you look suspect. Tyler Perry is making made cash and what you think does not matter the men that you least expect are the gay, the hardcore ones who is not in touch with their sensitive side. So DT watch your words because I am a big Tyler Perry fan.

  24. HATE ME said

    you are a punk of crab bottle as people. take care of your mess before you try to kill someone else

  25. Ms jo-ann said

    Why does it matter who is gay, as long as they are not sticking their rods in ur arse, who really give a flying phuck? Sometimes it’s the ones who protest the loudest are the ones with the most to hide.

  26. Brown Flame said

    Homosexuality is not a choice idiots. AIDS is not a gay disease. Ignorance seems to flourish with some people.

  27. jennifer1011 said

    I think its really cute

  28. study of insects

    Man Down!!! Man Down!!! Gay As Hell Alert! « Media Outrage

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