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Pondering His Next Move

Posted by Media Outrage on July 12, 2009

Wesley Snipes l

Wesley Snipes was at Sky Bar in the Monderian Hotel celebrating with the Saudi Arabian Royal Family.  Prince Faisal S. Al Saud (we’re tired from typing that name) and Wesley chopped it up.  The Prince probably asked Wesley’s advice on how to knock down more of these American hoes. 

In this picture though, Wesley looks like he’s ready to spring into action his damn self.  Shawtie in the red definitely looks like a prime contestant in Wesley’s mind, to get her jaws worked and panties soaked.  More pics when you

Wesley Snipes l1Wesley Snipes l3Wesley Snipes l2Wesley Snipes l4WesleySnipesPrinceFaisalSAlSaud

10 Responses to “Pondering His Next Move”

  1. sumarrain said

    If i were her I would throw the drink in his face and then run for the hills. He look like a very gay crack head. RUN GIRL RUN!!!!!

  2. Nestley Snipes in that top pic is holding that pimp hand ready to spring into action alright.

    Why the fuck do you think he has that white jumpsuit on….If he dresses in black he becomes the ninja rapist!

    He’s not getting LEGAL pussy that way…

  3. Atlanta said

    I think he’s the blackest nigga in America.

  4. Tia said

    lmao! & he got tha nerve to be ashy!!

  5. Media Outrage said


  6. MissTX85 said

    Damn! That ugly mofo do look suspect!

    God he’s really looking like he’s gonna hurt her or something!!

    **Sitting back waiting on him to make the headlines**

  7. 2020VIZN said

    Light skin brothers have got to be coming back in style!!! I remember when every woman in da wurl wanted to give Wesley Snipes some ass. I think he fucked up when he let everyone know his true fellings about chocolate. He said he dont want no chocolate in his chocolate bar and definately didnt want no “CHOCOLATE ON HIS CHOCOLATE BAR”

  8. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ 2020

  9. Ms. E said

    Can’t stand his arrogant black ape looking butt!!1

  10. ucanb2 said

    LOL ya’ll know that Wesley doesn’t like black women.

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