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Playing Some Pool

Posted by Media Outrage on July 14, 2009


Anthony Anderson and Vivica Fox hugged up to take some pics last night at Slate in NYC during the 2009 Tuck’s Celebrity Billiards Tournament.  Kelly Rowland, Spike Lee, Terry and Rebecca Crews, Christine Teigen (John Legend’s girl) and Twista were all on hand for the festivities.  A gang of pics when you

RebeccaTerryCrewsJohnKelly1Vivica Fox hAnthonyAndersonKellyJohnLegend2bestVivicaJohnLegend

JohnKellyChristineJohn lVivicaJohnLegendChristineTeigenTwista kKelly Rowland y

SpikeAnthonyAnderson1bestTerry Crews lVivicaLauranTuckAleeshaReneeJohn Legend m

6 Responses to “Playing Some Pool”

  1. Good to see my Z-listers are out and about…..

    John Legend looks like an 80’s child molester/accountant

    Vivica is starting to look like a mammal again….She is now worthy of a “DNA protein shake”

    …And If Terry Crews makes one more of those faggot poses in a pic Im going to scream!!!

  2. Media Outrage said

    LOL @ “John Legend looks like an 80’s child molester/accountant”

  3. lowridaz said

    LMAOOOO @ DT , an 80s child molester/ accountant, LMAOOOOO

  4. Unkle Death said

    Terry looks like he’s about to turn green and slap someone with a tank in like 5 seconds.
    His wife looks like Big Bird.
    Kelly needs to stop dressing like someone’s grandma.
    Johnny Boy is looking like he’s gone out on a limb. (But hey, that’s where all the FRUIT is!)
    Them heifers next to Aunt Viv gets the NO.
    But then again I can’t STAND Aunt Viv, so that pic’s one flaming bag of shit all together.

  5. MissTX85 said

    Twista the only one who AIN’T a Z-Lister! Love me some Twista by the way!

    And well Anthony has a job too!

    Everybody else, eh!

    Also, not that it’s a problem or anything, but can somebody tell me if Terry’s wife is Black, White or biracial. It’s hard to tell and I’d just like to know.

  6. ucanb2 said


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