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Our Readers!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on July 15, 2009


Today we continue with reader picture submissions.  Ya’ll know this reader very well.  This is Smurfette who holds MO down EVERYDAY!  Smurfette sent these pics in without a message because we already know how Loyal a reader she is.  We will say this right now:  There will be no NEGATIVE COMMENTS about any of our readers that submit their pics since they are MO fam.  Any negative comments will be ERASED.  Simple and plain it’s not up for discussion, if you don’t have anything nice to say then just keep that shyte to yourself.

Smurf thanks for holding MO down and being a die hard fan.  Pretty pics hun!  We got nothing but love for you!  More images and one that we almost didn’t put up LOL! But the FELLAS will LOVE IT!



51 Responses to “Our Readers!!!”

  1. Ms.Behave said


  2. Ms.Behave said

    Pss, MO I made a ‘negative’ comment are u going to delete it . lol.

    Looking Good Smurfette. :thumbsup:

    I’m SURE DT [being a breast man] and MM [who suffers from vitamon D deficiency and loves him some melons] will enjoy these.

  3. Ms.Behave said

    Here i was seeking solitude and practicing abstinence – Now you guys have me posting and wanting to send pic in.

    DAMN YOU MO. I hate you- I hate how much i love you. UGH!!

    —> Going back into to solitude.


    The only thing negative I have to say is my AIDS test!

    She is looking good! Makes me want to break Mike Phelps Olympic record and go for 9 medals, swimming right up in that Cleavage!

  5. Smurfette said

    Thanx fo the love MO! Sorry no ass shots DT. I have never taken one, even tho I DO have a nice one, if I might say so myself! Lol

    *setting up the camera to take ass shot

  6. Atlanta said

    Smurfette, you look cute. You look different than the picture that comes up on your comments.

  7. Marathon_Man said

    Daaaayuuuuum! Yea I Likey Likey *in my Asian accent* Smurfette you looking real good girl! Damn you just made my True Religion Jeans grow a few inches closer to this desk.

    Pretty face- Check

    Pretty smile- Check

    Sexy- Check

    Beautiful Cassaba Melons!!!!- DOUBLE CHECK DOUBLE CHECK DOUBLE MOTHAFUCKING CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn Smurf where you say you live again?! Anywhere near Jersey? Cause I think we need to have a MO getogether and barbeque.

    This isn’t negative MO…..


  8. Smurfette said

    @Atlanta, for some reason depending on how I have my hair, I look very diff in every pic I take! But yea, the one on my comments, does look diff but all these pics were taken a few months apart.

    @MM, im in CT and I see you only a hop, skip and a jump away! Lol

  9. Kanyade said

    Looking good Smurf! 🙂 *waves*

  10. Tia said

    ow ow mami! pretty pic Smurf!

  11. DarknFlawless said

    Damn!!!! I’ve been on MO for about 3 months everyday. and haven’t posted a comment, but Smurfette…… u can make a dog talk

  12. Smurfette said

    Well thanx for the love yall! And darknflawless, don’t be shy! We like fam up in here, and MO holds us down the same way we hold MO down. Aint no other celebrity gossip blog doin that!

    I LOVE MO!!

  13. MissTX85 said

    Definitely cute & sexy!!

    **secretly plotting to kick yo ass cause now I’m tempted to send a few pics in**

    And you gave them the, what Marathon call ’em? Casaba Melons!! Damn I didn’t think you was gonna get THAT sexy! LOL! Still nice pics though!

    **NOTE** NO HOMO for the folks who read too much into shit!!

  14. Yvonne said

    Hey Smurfette, what’s going on girlfriend. I know the guys love the pics especially the one in the middle. LOL

  15. ALLISWELL5 said

    You looking all the way right over there Smurfette!!….Keep doing ya thing ma!!


  16. Udamnright said

    Yo Smurfette I got one word for ya…..


  17. Beyonce_Stan said

    Nice pics Smurfette!

  18. Dickwell Thrust Jr said

    Look at those Tig ole Bitty’s!


    I’m Sure you get alot of attention.

  19. Unkle Death said

    Damn Smurfette! You looking good mama. If you ever in the Bi State Region holla at ya dog.

    Maybe we can blow somethin, drank somethin and just keep it killa all day! Nothing but love for you girl.


  20. Yeah I Said It said

    Smurf, you are cute girl….. Go put your clothes on and button up to the neck.

  21. ucanb2 said

    @ Smurfette you be careful, the boys have seen what u working with! LOL
    Nice pics Smurfette.. very attractive.

  22. Jolie said

    Oh my goodness Smurfette, I see you’re not shy.

  23. Atlanta said

    @YISI…Don’t whop her mamma…I’m holding you back…LOL.

  24. Lio said

    Smurfette Holla at your boy…, hell I might fly you up here for Caribana, if your man don ‘t mind, but you know what..fuck that nigga man, just holla… ‘re fine girl…BRB in 10 mins …LMAO

  25. Smurfette said

    That’s yo email fo real @Lio? Okay im goin to try and hit u up!

  26. MoneAlicia said

    Smurf, ur a cutie! Heard u were on Twitter but I didn’t know where to find u.
    I’m MoneAlicia.

  27. Marathon_Man said

    Yo Lio fall the hell back LOL. Fall way back scrap. Me and smurf got an arrangement so you DT, Udamnright, ALLISWELL5, and CutUp just moonwalk away!

  28. lio said

    lol @ mm

  29. Smurfette said

    @MM, damn you got me turned on wit dat! Lmao! They don’t mean no harm!

    @Monealicia, im SmurfetteSmurf on Twitter! Im goin to try and find u and follow u!

  30. Ron S. said

    wow…. looking real sexy in these pics smurf… u can hit me up any time 😉 lol

  31. Smurfette said

    Thanx Ron! I might just have to hit u up!

  32. MaliaMalia Still Loves MO said

    Awww smurfette!!!!gorgeous gorgeous pictures!!!!

    loving the 2nd picture!!!!


  33. Marathon_Man said

    Yo Ron S. Imma just copy and paste…

    fall back son lol all the way back lol jokes

  34. 2020VIZN said

    Im late but Im late for a good reason…….all I have to say is Smurfette…….see how fast everybody else rushed in here and did their thing when they saw your pics………but it took me a loooooooooong time to cum up in here, I always cum……I ate your……oops, I mean I ate A burger first…

  35. lio said MJ said to PAul McCartney ..The girl is mine… So back the F*ck up (ONYX)…lol

  36. Ms. E said

    Hi Smurfette!!

    I am not a lesbian..but you are gorgeous!!

  37. Marathon_Man said

    @ Ms. E…….Damn You not?! I was about to get excited LOL! It’s cool I’ll settle for having a 3 some with you and Smurfette cause the 13’inch Pogo Stick is way too much for any One woman.

  38. Whatyouwantnikka said


    smurfette i have new respect.

  39. Truly23 said

    You are a beautiful sister as stated Smurfette..

  40. Terrance said

    OK SMURF! I’m sure there are plenty of dimes on this site, but you’re a rare coin sis!

  41. Smurfette said

    Awwwww, yal is too much! I appreciate the compliments!

    Hey, 2020, long time no talk to! Miss ya!

    MM, u is a straight fool! U keep me laughin all the time! Lol

    Lio, I like you!

  42. Gay said

    OMG! Smurfette, I come to this site every so often and I have read a lot of your comments. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL GIRL. You don’t have to take pictures like the one in the middle. You have all these strange men on here trying to hook up with you and that’s not safe. Someone will take that photo and photoshop it and the next thing you know you will be on the internet somewhere doing GOD knows what. Again, you are a beautiful girl and you don’t have to expose yourself like that.

    Mo, Please don’t delete my post. I am just trying to give some words of encouragement for young girls.

  43. Smurfette said

    @Gay I feel you givin encouragement to young girls! Good thing im not a young girl! Nuthin wrong wit cleavage. I have had cleavage since I was 16 and its okay to show it. But u won’t see no nipples or ass shots cuz I aint wit it. But if someone photoshops a nipple on here, I could give a fuck, we all know that was not in the orig pic! Thanx for the advice but I will still wear low cut shirts while im still kinda cute! Btw im 33 so im old enough to be sexy if I choose!

    And what’s noy safe about strange men TRYING to hook up. I have dealt wit that my whole life. Now actually hooking up? Has not happened. Live a lil boo.

  44. Smurfette…you’re gorgeous!!! Loving the hair!!!

    I know,I know,I pormised pictures in June….they’re coming…by September…waiting for my Halley’s Curl Relaxed texture to come in….

  45. Smurfette said

    @Claudette, yea we waitin on them booty shots! I know u got em! Lol

  46. lol yeah I got a lil stash of booty shots…lol. For now ya’ll can check out Twitpic, but the official ones will come here first…

  47. cutiewitbigbooty said

    Pretty pics smurfette.

    Who is GAY?

    Why is everone on this WE ARE THE WORLD BULL SHIT?



    Mo, Please don’t delete my post. I am just trying to give some words of encouragement for young girls.


  48. Marathon_Man said

    Lmao! @ Cutie

    Yo you on a roll tonight. I didn’t know you had a sense of humor like that. Where the hell are my tickets! gET Ben Gordon on the damn Horn and tell his ass I need some tickets.

  49. Smurfette said

    I know that’s right cutie! Gay can kiss my ass wit everybody else that got a prob wit me tryin to be a lil sexy! Gay act like im on hurr naked!! GTFOH!

    @Claudette, what’s yo name on twitter so I can follow?

  50. Marathon_Man said

    Damn Smurf I wish you was on here NEKID! Cause that middle picture got my thang doing the electric slide in these Jordan shorts lol.

  51. itsurboi said

    Damn,……….. is the thing i can think of without being vulgar
    Nice nursing utensils ma 😉

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