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He Should Have Won 3 Oscars By Now

Posted by Media Outrage on July 17, 2009

Denzel m7

Denzel Washington is in Madrid, Spain doing a photocall for “The Taking of Pelham.”  Talk about highway robbery, this man should have won a good 3 Oscars by this point in his career.  It’s not even an argument as to whether or not he’s one of the best to do it in the past 20 years.  More Denzel when you

Denzel m8Denzel m1Denzel m5Denzel m2Denzel m6

8 Responses to “He Should Have Won 3 Oscars By Now”

  1. Atlanta said

    Yeah he should have won 3 by now but he is black so you know how that goes.

  2. he is on his way though. He’s got a new movie with the Hughes Brothers coming out.

  3. Ms.Behave said

    Just the other day, i truly got the meaning of the saying “it’s a sin to be poor” and now ” i’m feeling like it is a sin to be black…especially in hollywood”.

    I mean, as a black person u need to be three times as good as a white person to get a quarter of the recognition… look at Kim K, had she been a black girl she would have be tagged a ‘hoe’ and certainly not given a ‘reality’ show.

    The only time black people get recognition in hollywood is for bad deeds or coonery [flava flav, i♥NY]. Black people need to look to themselves for recognition and not hollywood…be glad with the NAACP abd BET AWARDS [coonery] and be confident in themselves enough to not sell out.

    I for one is very, very proud of Denzel. Black wife [black features], great roles [not typecast], children graduating college and he himself seems to be confident in his own skin.

    Who needs Oscars when you are a man of Denzels Caliber…although the recognition would be nice…Le sigh’.

  4. MissTX85 said

    Uh his ugly ass has 2 already! That’s enough!

  5. Terrance said

    I’m in complete agreement MO. He should have definitely won one for Malcolm X, strongly considered for one in “The Great Debaters”, and several other biographical roles he portrayed the ish out of!

  6. Jim77 said

    I don’t think the guy is all of that. He’s a good actor but no better than Dinero, Michael Douglas, Matt Damon among others.

    He’s OVERRATED especially in the BLACK community.

  7. ucanb2 said

    Ok I am beginning to see a trend here.
    I think he deserves a bit more than he has received.

  8. Smurfette said

    How u know what go on in the BLACK community Jim? Cuz im black and I don’t even know cuz I aint in every black community

    Haters fall the fuck back out this post. Real talk

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