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Vanessa Bryant Almost Lets Her Ta-Ta’s Get Out!

Posted by Media Outrage on July 17, 2009

KobeVanessa e1best

It looks like Vanessa Bryant was one bounce away from having a complete wardrobe malfunction when she and Kobe attended the ESPY Awards.  Her tah-tah’s look like they were ready to play show and tell with the world.  We’re surprised Kobe didn’t notice the severity of the situation before leaving the crib.  Do Kobe and Vanessa make a beautiful couple?  More images when you

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15 Responses to “Vanessa Bryant Almost Lets Her Ta-Ta’s Get Out!”

  1. Yeah I Said It said

    That’s cause that ugly ass prom dress is to small. And why is the bone at the end of her fat neck protruding worst than dolphin boys adams apple

  2. sweet_tea said

    Yick…if that discoloration on my screen is a part of her nipple region, she needs some work done. She’s way too rich & way too young to have stretched out, sagging boobs. Without that dress painted on, they’d be hanging like udders. To end on a positive note, her hair looks nice.

  3. Smurfette said

    I think he is attractive and she is so pretty. Do they make a cute couple? No. I just don’t dig when a woman’s job is being someone wife. What happens to her if he divorces her. Sure Child support is great, but kids grow up, then what. I guess if she had a personality, a career, her own hustle, I could respect her. I just look at them and wonder what they could possibly have in common. I mean I know golddiggers and NBA stars go together like oreos and milk, but come on! U don’t MARRY the golddiggers!

  4. Attractive or not every man would suck them tits like their tounge’s had AIDS and her milk was the cure. We can hate on Vanessa all day. The fact is she looks good and all she does is spend his money.

  5. Marathon_Man said

    Well put Smurfette. He was definitely wildin’ out when he decided to propose without a “pre-nup.” I’m just wondering out of 41 games of him playing on the road, how many of those is she getting her brains beat out by some other dude that thinks and fuks just like me?

  6. Marathon_Man said

    Oh DT for sho!

    I’d not only suck em’ but splatter sperm punch all over them thangs. She’s hot and I’d make her scream “YOU’RE MY FUCKING DADDY!!!!”

  7. Yeah I Said It said

    @ DT and MM. why do you too make me want to visit a church. The visual of what you type make me never want to breast feed.

  8. MissTX85 said


    She looks nasty and slutty as hell! And since she’s already in a trash bag, to the dumpster she shall go! UGH again!

    Oh and Kobe still looks like a dick faced anteater!! So yeah he and that trash make a nice couple!

    • Jennifer Woodfall said

      11yrs later have u matured any? I suppose now that the so-called ant eater has been killed along with one of his lil ant eaters and the sluts left here to raise there children and feel her and her children’s ❤ache every sec of everyday u no longer need to worry about seein there trifling asses on the red carpet any longer. P.s. just one more question? How do u sleep at nite?

  9. 2020VIZN said

    I bet everybody they talked to before they too this picture looked down saw them shits and giggled like a motherfucker….thinking to themselves “if they get a picture taken like that before she realizes her tidaaaaays is hanging out, that shit is gonna be om MO in the fuckin morning, and DT and MM is gonna talk all bout making a “titty Dick samich” with Kobe’s lil hot tamale. Lol!!!!! This shit is too funny

    Im going to Do Dirty Hose to play Madden.

  10. Lacy said

    Mexican leftovers from Chipotle..

  11. lowridaz said

    she is very pretty, but i mean you had to look in the mirror and make sure your shit was on point before steppin out the door, and I wonder even if kobe saw it, I am wondering if she knew and didnt care or wanted the attention that way, i know i can tell if my shit wasnt right.

  12. Ms.Behave said

    Stop it Kobe!! u know damn well u only do that pose with a black woman. U need ass to do that pose, cause right now it just looks like ur scratching her back.

  13. joneblaze said

    Hey those new melons are out and about to keep Kobe at attention and to prevent him from straying again.

  14. ucanb2 said

    LOL @ Joneblaze…as if anything could stop him from straying!

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