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Christina Gets Her RING

Posted by Media Outrage on July 20, 2009

 Christina r4

Christina Milian, who hasn’t had a hit since the March on Washington, was all smiles during Billy Clark’s birthday celebration, in Hollywood.  Christina displayed her engagement ring to the photogs during the swoiree. 

The Dream, who’s music has probably made many a people contemplate commiting suicide, was in the building wearing a matching outfit with his girl.  He might be the worse singer we’ve ever heard since the invention of the microphone.  We’re actually happy for the two of them.  It’s good to see love happen, now if they could just transfer some of that energy into making a comeback HIT for C. Milian that would really be a dream come true. 

Christina r7DreamChristina r6Christina r5ringDreamChristina r1Christina r1

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Christina r6DreamChristina r3DreamChristina r7BillyClarkDreamChristina r5

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13 Responses to “Christina Gets Her RING”

  1. sumarrain said

    Can’t imagine what she had to do to get that ring, lets just hope it finally leads to marriage.

  2. Marathon_Man said

    Congrats. Christina just needs to go back to her original hair color. The Dream’s vocals are terrible still can’t understand why he’s all over the videos and radio. Not talented at all. Maybe he’s a good writer but other than that, on the mic, he’s very bad.

  3. Listening to the “Dream’s” music is like watching Whoopi Goldberg shaking her ass at Magic City….UNHOLY ACT!!!

    Christina needs to find his banking info and start stealing cash for her retirement. Cause her music career has the life of Marvin Gaye on heroin!

  4. Ms.Behave said

    Until now didn’t notice that Christina has MAN hands and look how short her fingers are- she really is a WEIRD girl.

    There is something about a man wearing RED that says FLAMING → “please i’m burning up in this closet, help me!!”

    And- matching outfits? mmm, no comment.

    What a WEIRD MATCHING Couple.

    P.S. >> Elise, if u leave ur home with ur bra showing then ur NOT finished getting dress *smh* tacky

  5. lowridaz said

    nice ring, go girl,

  6. lowridaz said

    im done with them two, I say this, if they happy and it works, then go with god’s blessing, half these people out here aint got no man/woman and never been proposed to , and cannot keep one. there is someone for everyone, and if it works, then do your damn thing!!!

  7. Atlanta said

    The ring is cute and so is she in this pic. Ring just not big enough for me.

    OMG DT and MM…r u serios. I put the dream up there with R Kelly.

  8. Unkle Death said

    LMFAO @ Atlanta. You can’t be serious. That nigga is a fucking CLONE/LABEL SLAVE. Me trying to explain how WHOMP that nigga is like putting shit back into a horse. IT CAN’T BE DONE.

    *Whomp (adverb) – wack juice to 100,000th power.

  9. MoneAlicia said


  10. ucanb2 said

    Good luck and congratulations… now please dye your hair back dark!!

  11. MissTX85 said

    Who gives a flying fuck?!

    @ Atlanta, you my girl but come on, comparing Dream to Kells?! That ain’t right! LOL!

  12. Kanyade said

    Forget the ring, look at her HAIR 😦 it brings me great sadness. 😆

    Congrats to you C.Milian!

  13. Ralphy J. said

    Wackness sqaured…

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