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Oprah Takes a HIT

Posted by Media Outrage on July 20, 2009


The Queen of all media is entitled to slip every now and again, right?  Well, her once infallible ratings have taken a steep nose-dive as of late.

Via Comcast:

Ratings for ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show‘ for the July 4th week were her lowest since 1983. This is no fluke however, as Oprah’s numbers have been dropping significantly (32 percent) in the last five years.

What is the reason for the reigning Queen of Daytime’s sharp decline in popularity? In a New York Post article, analyst Marc Berman of Mediaweek said, “There’s the fatigue factor. Oprah’s been on the air for two decades. She can last for as long as she wants to last. But it gets to the point where fans might be getting a little tired of her show.”

And yes, Oprah is in repeats now, and yes, it was a holiday week and Michael Jackson’s death was omnipresent on TV, but still, Oprah’s show garnered only 4 million viewers on average the July 4th week. In contrast, ‘Judge Judy,’ which was also in repeats, pulled in on average 5.1 million viewers.

Will Oprah rebound in the fall when she’s back with new episodes? The smart money would say yes, but still, the downward trend in her show the last few years is troubling. Berman went on to say, “Oprah is still, by and large, TV’s top talk show and the show itself is still healthy. She still owns bragging rights to the genre. But she’s not the force she used to be.”

Mediaoutrage–  She won’t fall to far.  Bottomline, she’s still the most powerful woman on TV, period.  When your networth is upwards of $2.5 billion and ever increasing, that news isn’t too gut-wrenching.

12 Responses to “Oprah Takes a HIT”

  1. Atlanta said

    Yeah, she still gone have money but that show has gotten SUPER boring.

  2. Lisa said

    Her audience will be back when they’re done vacay-ing for the summer. I used to watch Oprah faithfully as a teen. Now I tune in when there’s something other than menopause discussion and Dr. Oz talking about whatever…not to Oprah: more episodes that include Dr. Laura Berman, the Friday’s Live WITHOUT George Stephanopolous’s wife (can’t recall her name). At the end of the day she is still the Queen of All Media (mmmhmmm Wendy Williams…how you doin’?). I don’t see her extending her contract which is up 2011.

  3. MoneAlicia said

    Her show has gotten very boring. I don’t even watch anymore.

  4. lio said

    White women stopped watching her show since she started endorsing Obama 5 YEARS ago… People am I lying ?

  5. ucanb2 said

    @ Lio… I agree, that is the fall in her ratings, because that’s who her fan base had become.
    I haven’t watched her show in years.

  6. MissTX85 said

    I never watched it anyway. Except when Jennifer Hudson was on there. Any other time I’d glance then change the channel.

  7. lowridaz said

    who cares, hell i never watched her

  8. Kanyade said

    I think this is okay with Ms. Oprah. Doesn’t her contract end 2010? I think she’s tired of doing this show. I know I’d be. I’m sure this doesn’t mean much to her.

  9. joneblaze said

    Friggin repeats what do they expect?

  10. HawaiiLady said

    Interesting article. I was a faithful O watcher for years, her show repeats at 11 p.m. and I would stay up late just to watch it, losing so much sleep and going to work all tired. But then I agreed with the stuff she promoting or saying. Here she is talking about being passionate and living life fully, etc. Good hope message, but I always imagined this poor woman in a broken down ghetto watching the t.v. show. Dealing with what life has dealt her. While I look at her audience who are mostly middle to upper middle class white ladies. While O talks about redoing your home, throwing fab dinner parties, etc. I felt her spiel was aimed at people with lots of money and grown kids. I also talked to two people who met her personally, had dealings with her and she’s not that warm and fuzzy person on the screen. She’s quite the diva, and like those snotty rich folks who always get what they want. These were two separate people in 2 separate cities with 2 separate events.Plus she seems to promote for the sake of promoting. She and her audience goes crazy over these movies/t.v. shows and when I watch them, they suck. Memorable was the Dr. Suess movie w/ Kelly Preston. That sucked lemons, but here she is going on and on about it. She also goes the same way with “her girl” Halle Berry who has the good sense to act in the movies that O is invovled with. “Their Eyes Were on God” or something like that, sucked even more lemons. Whatever guest is on, she just promotes the hell out of them. She is also not the hard hitting interviewer she thinks she is. She just backs off and her interviews suck. I also don’t like the way she talks to Gayle King, she’s so mean. I don’t talk to my BFF like that ever. To me, you see the real O when she talks to King, even though King has ridden on her coattails to her own star. It’s just a combo of everything that I got disillusioned with O.

  11. Jez said

    Lio – please don’t speak for all white women – I love Obama –

    I don’t like Oprah – I do like how she gives a lot of money away to charities. I don’t like how sooner or later the conversation always returns back to her and what’s happened to her or what she thinks about it or what her opinion is of it – and naturally her opinion is more important and more right than anybody else’s. I think she is a terrible interviewer, constantly interrupting people to make comments about her self and patting herself on the back when she thinks she’s made a clever comment- I am way over her show and wouldn’t watch it now if you paid me – unless she agreed to give even more away to charities….

  12. Gay said

    It’s summer re-runs.

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