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Damn She Thick…

Posted by Media Outrage on July 24, 2009

Trina o4

Trina and her super thick frame found it’s way to the Mansion nightclub last night, in Miami Beach, for Lil’ Kim’s birthday celebration.  We know Kenyon Martin is enjoying tearing that up every night.  Ladies, are you feeling Trina’s outfit?  More thickness is just one click away….

Trina oTrina o1Trina o2closeTrina o3Trina o5

15 Responses to “Damn She Thick…”

  1. Smurfette said

    She is so cute!

  2. Wearing white or light colors under black, especially black sheer is a fashion NO-NO.

    U can take Trina out of the ghetto, but can’t take Ghetto out of Trina. *SMH.

  3. She may be Ghetto, But If I was Kenyon I’d fuck every episode of Good Times out that thick ass…..

    She came up like my Johnson @ Halle Berry’s!

  4. Marathon_Man said

    Yo I love me some Trina. She started that whole phatty girl thing. I know Kenyon having fun cause every night I’d be laid across the bed smiling like a crack head hitting the powerball.

  5. “…every night I’d be laid across the bed…” – Don’t be too quick to assume Trina is the one laying in Kenyon’s bed.
    Kenyon is MARRIED, so that make trina another dumb fuck, atleast Kelis was smart enough to get wifed up.

  6. MissTX85 said

    Cute pic. Like the outfit though I would sport a black bra instead of a white one.

  7. ucanb2 said


  8. Atlanta said

    HOLD UP. STOP THE PRESS. Bet not nobody say nothing bad about my girl Trina…LOL. Love the outfit and she is rocking it. The bra should be black like mstx said.

  9. MoneAlicia said

    I dig the outfit except for the light coloured bra. She’s killing that skirt & I will be looking for those shoes.

  10. Atlanta said

    Yeah MoneAlicia…The shoes are the business.

  11. Random said

    I dig the shoes..

  12. ALLISWELL5 said

    Super Thick!!

  13. 305babe said

    just wondering what does mgc stand for could anyone tell me love u trin b continue getting ur paper baddest bitch in da game

  14. Cut Up said

    I was out of the loop for the whole month of July so now I am going back through the archives and I see the I missed Trina thick ass. Now, she be bouncing back and forth but, I love it when she is on the thick side of shit like 2 day old grits and fish. LMAO!!

  15. GET MONEY DIVA said


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