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The *3 Snaps* Club

Posted by Media Outrage on July 30, 2009

Derek J Christian

These two interesting fellows, one of them (on the right) being Monica’s make-up artist both were in attendance for the ghetto foolery that was The Real Housewives of Atlanta party.  We’re so done…. Just…..

20 Responses to “The *3 Snaps* Club”

  1. Man this is just too “zesty” at 10:55 am est!!! Why is it that the biggest dude feels like he needs to hop on the “SS Booty Bandit”!?!?

    If you’re going to be a sugar snack, be the skinny short guy who couldn’t get pussy at the Playboy Mansion!! Don’t be a Former Wide Receiver or Inside linebacker cause the shit looks more stupid that a Horse ice skating!!!

  2. Marathon_Man said

    Lmao! @ dt

    My computer just caught the “Sweet” virus…. I gotta REBOOT!

  3. Jolie said

    What the hell is going on with these black men????

  4. Yeah I Said It said

    The fat makes me want to put my leather and whips on the shelf. The tall one makes me want to pull my dresses down to the floor. Where, in the how to be a woman handbook does it say wear your hair flaming red,connecting eyebrows,painted on moles and look like a damn fool?

    I am sick of cross/dressing horrible looking mud-ducks.

  5. bug918 said

    wow … i just … well, umm … see, what had happen was … wow

    does “dude” (and i use the term more loosely than it has ever been used before in the history of the english language) on the right have a unibrow?

  6. lowridaz said


  7. Ms.Behave said

    *3 SLAPS* and a muthaF**kin BULLET!

    WTF is this? Biatches u know UDEADAZZWRONG for wearing this, much less leaving ur houses like this.

    Ms. Husky in heels, i wish u would have brought the whip out with that domatrix outfit so i could whip ur ass back into the muthaf**kin closet.

    Ms. Koolaid with the unibrow, i wish u had brought more of the lace u used to make those gloves so i could tie ur ass on ms. husky’s back and lace you properly back to powder form.

    If ur going to be gay, then don’t go about disrespecting the thing, what are these ‘things’? Is Ms. husky wearing Steve Urkel glasses and tights? Is Ms. Koolaid out in public w/o a bottom? Do they really think they look hot?…QUESTIONS EXISTING…I’m going to hose my computer down after all these flaming ish and report these Arsonists.

    Things That Make You Go Hmmmm….

  8. Atlanta said

    Derek is okay to me I guess because he use to do my hair when he worked at Vibes before he blew up after winning the Bronner Brothers show. Then he started feeling himself and jacked his prices up.

    As far as that other thing. I don’t know why in the hell Monica be haninging all around town with him. I would pull my baretta on him if I saw him in the street.

  9. ucanb2 said

    Speechless and SMDH!

  10. MissTX85 said

    What the flaming fuck?!

    I can’t even form the right words! MAYBE I’ll come back later with a decent comment!

    SMDH and looking for YISI to hunt MO’s ass down for posting this shit!

  11. Yeah I Said It said

    @ MissTX, I have paid feeders out as we speak! As soon as I get a lock on the who,what,where of MO I will mount my folks up and it’s a go.

    I know DT knows where to locate MO,so i might have to fly on down to Atl and threaten him.If this site goes blank and the screen rains men, you will know I have MO on lock and just check for breaking news on a fire and dismemberment.

  12. MissTX85 said

    LMAO @ YISI! Cool!

  13. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ YISI

  14. Atlanta said

    @misstx and YISI…I see this shit everyday here in Atlanta. BELIEVE THAT. My hair sytlist is one of those things and please believe he/she does not step into the salon unless he/she is in full drag. On a daily. The fuck up part about it is that the same niggas that try to holla at me and my girls be hollering at them too. TRUST ME.

  15. MissTX85 said

    @ Atlanta, are you serious?! WOW! I bet it’s entertaining as hell though!

  16. ALLISWELL5 said

    These dudes have lost their MF minds!!!….Is this type of sh!% supposed to be accepted nowadays?….Scary

  17. bug918 said

    Atlanta is right. I live in atlanta, too, and this is the DL capital of the world, BELIEVE THAT. and the trip is, it be them thugged-out negroes be the worst ones!! … and yeah, it is entertaining – to a point. but when you always have to worry about whether that guy you just met is one of the many closet booty bandits running round, that isht gets old – QUICK.

  18. Unkle Death said

    These niggas need one of two things: Jesus or a drag behind the barn with a silenced 9 under the chin!

  19. Tia said


  20. lio said

    Jesus Christ….SMH

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