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Are You Feeling Either One of These Outfits???

Posted by Media Outrage on August 3, 2009


Anna Marie Horsford, who portrayed “Thelma Frye” on Amenposed for pics with Samuel Jackson, during the NBAF Midsummer America’s Mart in Atlanta Saturday.  We want to know whether or not you’re feeling either of their outfits?  Chilli and newlywed Victoria Rowell were both in the building.  Chilli is still bangin’ like a Crips and Bloods street war….

SamChilliAnnMarieHorsford8AnnMarieHorsfordSamuelJackson1VictoriaSamChilli nVictoriaSam1

SamChilli3AnnMarieHorsford5AnnMarieHorsford6Chilli n3


Chilli n2

18 Responses to “Are You Feeling Either One of These Outfits???”

  1. Mo did you mean to say Walmart? otherwise i think they may have been at a costume party. Why in the world??? What the hell??? I mean…damn!

  2. Marathon_Man said

    Damn I used to watch AMEN every saturday. Thelma was on Rev’s NUT SACK hard.

  3. MissTX85 said

    Uh no!!

    Still love me some Sam though!

  4. Truly23 said

    They picked them costumes up at someone’s yard sale..

  5. ucanb2 said

    Sorry Anna you and Samuel weren’t looking that hot together.
    Chilli and Victoria looking nice!

  6. why hate? said

    They both need to try one mo gain

  7. Atlanta said


  8. urbanthoughts08 said

    Mr and Mrs Jackson , a fashion ticket will cost you $750,000. You both are charged for embarassing American’s fashion culture , tangling with artist work and fell to pick out the right fashion choices for this event.

  9. Yvonne said

    LOL…OMG….a big NO and NO.

  10. BadBadKitty said

    “Danger, Danger Will Robinson!”
    Now, if anybody old enough to remember where that line came from, then you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout (and if you not, then too bad for you ‘cuz you don’t get the joke). 🙂

    I know them heels ain’t hangin’ off the back of them shoes are they?! *SMH*

  11. Sam IS the man! He could wear a patato sack and he would still make it work. Lol

  12. […] did Samuel Jackson get so […]

  13. Her heels damn near hittin the floor they hangin so bad. Makes it look like she was born with elephant stumps.

  14. Lio said

    they look great

  15. Truly23 said

    Lio stop lying… lol Lio you’re just being overly nice now..

  16. Ms. E said

    They had their outfits made by the same chic that sews everybody’s bridemaid dresses in Greenbelt, Maryland. 😛

  17. Kanyade said

    They get passes because they’re old school. 😆

  18. itsurboi said

    ahh look it Uncle Tin & Android Jemima…. Sllllllllllllllllllide sum pancakes to me

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