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What Movie Do You Remember Her From???

Posted by Media Outrage on August 3, 2009

Melissa De Sousa

Actress Melissa De Sousa hit up Angell Conwell’s birthday party at club LAX in Hollywood this past weekend.  Can you remember which film you remember Melissa from??  Melyssa Ford made an appearance at the party.  Check those shots when you…..

Melyssa Ford nMelissaDeSousaAngellConwellMelyssa Ford n1Melyssa Ford n2Melyssa Ford n3Melyssa Ford n4

Angell Conwell nAngellConwellCarlPayneAngellConwellMelyssaFordMelyssaRamonFernandezAngellConwellMelissa De Sousa1

23 Responses to “What Movie Do You Remember Her From???”

  1. Icis said

    Love for Sale…the Russ Parr pic with Melyssaa Ford

  2. She was in “The Best Man” and that wack ass movie “Ride”.

    It looks like she is playing lead Stamp distributor at the Post Office, because I havent seen her in a movie since Duke Ellington was in the 2nd grade!

  3. Media Outrage said

    Lmao! @ DT

  4. ucanb2 said

    The Best Man!

  5. Jolie said

    The Best Man.

  6. Was she in Coming to America.

  7. Ms.Behave said

    Is it “I can’t dress to save my life” or “I look buted” or maybe “Do I look desperate?”, to which i will make my debut in “Hell Yess!!!”

    OMG, MElissa has Man hands

  8. sweetthang said

    The Best Man! hilarious, she was a hot mess in that movie!

  9. Ms. E said

    Best Man!

  10. Ms.Behave said

    * “I look busted”

  11. Marathon_Man said

    Oh shoot, yea the Best Man was my joint! She had homie in CHECK.

  12. MissTX85 said

    *Going back to look at The Best Man cause I don’t remember her ass!!*

  13. Ms.Behave said

    @ MSTX, it took me fooooreeeeever to remember her, lol, i found pic that jog my memory and i remember her, she was the controlling girlfriend of the man with locks.

    Damn!!! She is Forgettable, lol

    She is the one at back, also back of my mind, lol.

  14. Marathon_Man said

    Woa MissTX you didn’t remember her from The Best Man?!? That was my movie.

  15. Atlanta said

    Best Man.

  16. MissTX85 said

    Okay here’s the truth as to why I don’t remember her.

    Only seen The Best Man, The Wood, Love & Basketball and any other movie that fits this category or are close to fitting this category, once. They were all kinda boring and mundane to me. Nothing I could watch again.

    @ Ms. Behave, thanks though!

  17. Ms.Behave said

    @MsTX, NO Prob.

    The Best Man a good movie though, i only watched it once too, lol, plus homegirl only popped up when she wanted to b3tch or boss around, no wonder nobody remembered her, lol.

  18. JustBecause said

    Yea the Best Man. Great movie. Love to see good black films.

  19. jlaw4452 said

    she also played in that movie wit malik yoba and fredro starr and lady rage…where they were riding the bus to miami and shit….yall rememba that?

  20. Marathon_Man said

    Oh shit! Yo that was the most BOOTLEG movie ever made! I thought I was the only nucca alive that wasted an hour or two out my existence watching that. Very ridiculous with no plot whatsoever.

  21. the movie was “Ride”…that movie was beyond the square root of ASS…. I wanted to blow my brains out for going to see that in the theaters back in 1998…

  22. Marathon_Man said

    Yea that shit. I scratched my head from start to finish while skeeting in some bitches face. A waste of a film budget. Every actor and actress in that movie should have been black balled immediately.

  23. joneblaze said

    The Best Man and that horrible flick Ride The only good part in that flick was when Idalis called Downtown Julie Brown a Punta

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