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Tia & Tamera Do Lunch

Posted by Media Outrage on August 5, 2009

tia mowry 050809

The very beautiful Mowry twins, Tia and Tamera, did lunch yesterday at Toast in L.A.  The ladies were looking mighty lovely if we must say.  Where do you rank their acting skills?  What types of roles would you like to see them portray?  More images of them and Angela Simmons getting her lunch on also….

tia mowry 050809tia mowry 050809tia mowry 050809

angela simmons 050809angela simmons 050809

9 Responses to “Tia & Tamera Do Lunch”

  1. Blakmaine said

    Wonder when these twins will grace the smooth magazine cover since king mag is now rip. The twins have been on point since sister sister

  2. lowridaz said

    they are very beautiful girls, very lovely young ladies, nothing bad to say at all!!

  3. MissTX85 said

    Love them! Beautiful ladies! Nothing bad to say from me either!

  4. Jolie said

    Beautiful ladies!

  5. ucanb2 said

    Beautiful girls… I just wish “The Game” was still on.
    I would like to see them in a suspense/mystery/drama.

  6. sumarrain said

    Love them, very positive sisters. Hope they both get another acting gig soon.

  7. Ralphy J, said

    I checked out the other sister, Tamera(the one not on the Game) and her show “Roommates” wasn’t that bad, it was corny, but so corny, u had to at least smile…she was the highlight of the show…2 bad it got cancelled…

    and they are fine like wine…mmm…

    They’re both great catches, psych degrees, what? do that ish…

  8. Atlanta said

    I like them.

  9. maliamalia still LOVES MO!!! said


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