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Jessica Simpson: “All Women Struggle With Insecurity and We All Have Something We Don’t Like About Ourselves”

Posted by Media Outrage on August 6, 2009


Jessica Simpson covers Glamour Magazine and is discussing her struggles with weight gain and self-esteem.

Via OMG!:

In September’s Glamour, Jessica Simpson admits for the first time that her weight “fluctuates” and that she has struggled with body image issues her entire life.

“When I was young, I would look at magazines and feel a lot of pressure,” says the singer, 29. “As a child of 12, I would write things in my journal like, ‘I’m lying here and all I can think about is that my stomach is hanging over my underwear.’ That disturbs me even today! I was always disconnected from myself; there was this idea of perfection I couldn’t ever get to. But all women struggle with insecurity, and we all have something we don’t like about ourselves.”

Simpson – who underwent criticism this year after looking fuller-figured at a Florida concert – says she is psyched at the idea of hosting her own VH1 reality show, The Price of Beauty. The show tracks her journey around the world in search of what people find beautiful and why.

“No matter how much money you spend to make yourself beautiful with all the products, the diets, the plastic surgery in the end, women need to fall in love with themselves and realize they’re beautifully and wonderfully made. There is no ‘perfect’ you,” says Simpson, who has admitted to getting Restylane to make her lips plumper.

“It will be interesting for women to see how self-obsessed we’ve become,” she says.

Mediaoutrage– What can we say?  The world is cruel.  When you’re a public figure and go from the size Jessica was to looking like a body double for Roseanne Barr, people are going to start throwing stones.

4 Responses to “Jessica Simpson: “All Women Struggle With Insecurity and We All Have Something We Don’t Like About Ourselves””

  1. lowridaz said

    love your self, I love my lil frame i use to want to gain weight, but i cannot gain weight, 130 is where i am at and stay no matter what i eat or do , I think i hit 140 once. but i love my size , and weight! wouldnt change a thing on me!

  2. sumarrain said

    Blah Blah Blah, whatever fatty.

    Just kidding

  3. Random said

    I think it’s funny how celebs who tend to gain weight after a while…tend to go on this rampage about ‘loving yourself’ no matter what size…STFU…get off your lazy ass..hit the gym/get a personal trainer and quit whining!! I’m sure you were “loving yourserlf” a lot more when you were a couple sizes smaller and FIT..please spare me!!

  4. MissTX85 said


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